wooden headboards and pedestals must be matched your bedroom style

Choose the wooden type of headboards and pedestals that must be matched your bedroom style

About three nights a week, I saved my husband from a YouTube coma.

I think it’s time to invoke a sleepless order and invest in a good headboard!

Besides the inevitable late-night work sessions, there are plenty of good (unrelated to saliva) reasons to get a headboard.

The next question is, with literally thousands of options, how do you decide which headboard design is right for you?

Before you embark on a week-long Pinterest binge, here are some key things to consider to narrow things down and avoid frustrating shopping trips. I thought you were measuring the height of the bed…”

Prioritize function

Aesthetics is probably the most common reason to buy a headboard, but it is also a very practical and versatile piece of furniture.

So decide what your top priorities are.

Is it a question of appearance? Are comfort, quality, budget, or versatility equally important?

Or are you looking for a multifunctional headboard design that will solve your space problem? (Perhaps you are a collector of books or other magical items…find out where to buy a “secret library headboard” If so, let me know – I’ll get a ten-year-old female).

Whatever your priorities, you should be aware of at least one basic utility: how your headboard fits or doesn’t fit your bed.

When it comes to installation, there are basically three types of headboards.

fixed or mounted

This type is offered as a luminaire with a complete bed frame or as a freestanding headboard with spacers that can be attached to the box spring.

The main benefit is that the bedding and pillows stay firmly in place, giving the whole bed a more uniform look.

If you decide to change the bed, know that it is not so easy to replace

wall hanging

As the name suggests, they mount directly to the wall and require a bit more expertise to install.

But since they are not mounted below, they are much more versatile and do not need to fit the exact size of your bed.

It is also a more general type for applications.

On foot

The simplest and most versatile type of headboard, this headboard usually comes with a vertical post, but it simply slips between the bed and the wall, with no installation required.

It’s not fixed, though, so if you don’t have a rug or other non-slip floor, you might find yourself in a nighttime ritual that requires you to push the bed back flush with the headboard.

Depending on the model of your headboard, there are several ways to install it, but always check the specifications before buying.

gain size

First, measure the width and height of your bed to avoid unnecessary shopping.

This includes extras such as electric blankets, mattress protectors, and a separate mattress topper which is a normal feature of the bed.

Generally, the width of your headboard should match the width of your bed unless you’re using something multifunctional like a larger storage headboard (or a large secret shelf).

A traditional headboard that’s wider than the bed is sure to grab attention, but if you want your headboard to make an impression, it’s best to make it with extra height. and comfortable proportions.

Simply put (pun intended), it all depends on the size of your bedroom and what you want to do with your headboard.

A reasonably sized headboard will add charm and comfort to a small room.

However, the long-line design also helps to enhance the sense of space.

For larger bedrooms, an oversized headboard is perfect for making a dramatic statement and setting the tone of the room.

By the way, if you fill up on dakimakura pillows (queuing with your moaning husband wherever you are), it equates to the height of obsession and the slow, meaningless death that lurks behind it.

You will never need a headboard.

Even more practical, if your headboard needs to support you or your partner to get out of bed, make sure it’s high enough.

Sleep in style

Well, finally, the good stuff… In the end, buying a headboard should be a lot of fun once you figure out the practicality.

It is the only piece of furniture that can completely improve or transform the look.

Whether elegant, classic, modern, original, or very comfortable, it will make your room a sensation and you.

With today’s wide variety of headboard designs, materials, and color combinations, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you and your favorite room.

A good starting point is to choose your favorite material.

So here is a breakdown of the most commonly encountered types.

The headboard doesn’t have to match the current texture palette of the room.

In fact, choosing a headboard is one of the best opportunities for textural contrast (did we mention the velvet trend this year? Did we?).

wooden headboard

They’re like reruns of Friends…they never really get old, they give you that familiar warm feeling, they fit in no matter what, and they keep going…yes, wood is a classic, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

It is also constantly reinvented in more modern, natural, and organic designs to suit modern tastes.

So if you want a sturdy, versatile, and easy-to-maintain product that can adapt to your changing tastes (not to mention pets, in case you share a bed with Paw Patrol), the Wood Headboard from the high quality is suitable.

Be my best friend.

upholstered headboard

Velvet, linen, microfiber, leather… Tufted headboards are all about the touch and can instantly add a touch of grown-up luxury to any room.

Plus extra soundproofing (not for your snoring partner, unfortunately).

If you’re looking for comfort before and after bedtime, an upholstered headboard is the closest thing to adding a sofa to your bed.

Fin or paneled, square or arched, heavily padded or tufted for a luxurious and elegant look; it all depends on your personal preference.

You can even customize a design that perfectly matches your current decor or makes a unique statement.

I leave the wording to you.

metal headboard

Metal is still a popular choice in modern bedroom design.

It definitely lacks the warmth and comfort of upholstered or wooden headboards, but if you’re just looking for a particular look (perhaps urban, minimalist, country, or vintage), metal is extremely versatile, wider, and often the most affordable option.

The duration of the conversation.

A black metal frame, in particular, can create a very dramatic look, especially for minimalist room designs.

Something is wrong

If you don’t travel a lot, you might be attracted to headboard designs that combine natural fibers such as bamboo, wicker, wood, leather, and even coconut for a more unusual look.

These unique little personalities work especially well in casual bedrooms and country design schemes.

Need more concrete ideas? Go ahead, join the Pinterest contest or stop by the Cielo store to get closer to our wide selection of Sleeping Beauty.

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