Unique Steel Furniture Supply Chain in the Middle East Industry

Although the use of chairs has been common in our country since ancient times, but the use of furniture is much shorter. Traces of these large chairs in living rooms and living rooms have been traced back decades. It was around the 1950s that the sofa left the house of the nobility, and at least one set of sofas could be found in almost every house.

Now, in 1986, few handmade wooden chairs, burnt coffee, and Louis sofas can be found, and if these are the kind of goods, they should be found in the antiques of Manouchehri Street. Today, with the arrival of new art and industrial design in the furniture industry, the raw material of all such goods is no longer wood, fabric and cotton.

However, furniture is an integral part of today’s home decor that can not be ignored in any way. Regardless of the appearance of a sofa or chair, its efficiency and technical specifications should be in line with current standards. Although medically using a sofa and chair while sitting puts less strain on the spine, some types of sofas and chairs can cause irreparable damage to the body.

These are low quality and cheap sofas that are usually sold with different brands and letters. Steel sofa: The highest price variation is seen in different types of steel sofa. The most expensive steel sofas are made of beech wood.

The special property of this wood is durability for a long time. Due to the fact that in the construction of steel sofa, pieces of wood are connected in several joints, the type of wood is very significant in the strength of these joints and the type of connection. In the next stage, the type of spring used in the sofa and the back of the sofa affect the comfort of the sofa. also

What Do Steel Furniture Risks Include in Trading?

In steel furniture, which you know as royal furniture, due to its ceremonial nature and the fact that such sofas are used for glamorous and luxurious lifestyles, certain features such as height in this type of furniture are different from other furniture.

What Do Steel Furniture Risks Include in Trading?

If you are one of the people who live in small houses, it is better not to use royal sofas in home decoration. Royal sofas are taller than comfortable sofas and are not very suitable for small apartment houses. But if you are one of the people who are interested in royal and ceremonial life and you are interested in using royal sofas, you can buy this type of furniture.

3 Licenses Required for the Export of Steel Furniture

Furniture is one of Iran’s exports. Production and export in this industry can help the development of non-oil exports. Supporting the furniture industry increases currency exchange and job creation in producing countries.

Production and activity in the furniture industry, in addition to achieving appropriate added value in the short term, has a high efficiency in job creation and should be considered, and this industry has led to economic development of countries for many years.

3 Licenses Required for the Export of Steel Furniture


In export target markets including Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, UAE and Azerbaijan, there are ten main competitors and Italy is present in all these export markets and China, USA, Germany and Turkey are present in 5 markets and these countries are Iran’s competitors. In furniture are exported to these markets.

China exports furniture to 217 countries, and the United States has a large volume of imports from this country, followed by Japan, Britain, Hong Kong and Canada, as well as Iran. Italy exports to 219 countries in this field, and European and American countries, France, Germany and Britain have the largest share, and also exports to Iran.

Massive Tonnage Exportation of Steel Furniture in 2022

“Turkish-made furniture has been widely welcomed in the world, especially in the last 20 years,” he told Anatolia.

Noting that the country’s furniture sector has now grown from $ 500,000 to $ 5 billion in exports, he added: “Our sector is developing every day. “Following the decline in Chinese furniture exports and the expansion of research and development in furniture production by Turkish companies, the global furniture market has turned to our country.”

Massive Tonnage Exportation of Steel Furniture in 2022

Recalling that Istanbul hosted the IIFF 2022 International Furniture Exhibition last week, he said: “At this exhibition, contracts worth $ 3 billion were signed by Turkish companies. Foreign companies were interested in this exhibition at a high level. “Delegations from 80 countries attended the exhibition.”

“Turkey’s furniture exports reached 145.5 million dollars in January this year, up 14 percent from the same month in 2021,” he said. “Let’s finish the $ 6 billion.”

He concluded that the largest exports of the country’s furniture sector last month were to the United States, Germany, Britain, Iraq and Libya, respectively. Also during the mentioned period, the export of this section to

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