swivel counter stools with backs leather are perfect for kitchen

These swivel kitchen counter stools with backs leather are the perfect choice for this new kitchen.

Five tips for choosing the perfect counter and bar stools for your kitchen!

I am always making new bar and counter stools for clients who are remodeling their kitchens. When remodeling your kitchen, you need to get the latest beautiful element to go with your amazing new kitchen.

I wanted to share some of the reasons behind my choice of stools for my project so you can decide which one is best for your kitchen.

Today I am sharing many photos of my kitchen countertop project. We have selected some great stools available online, so buying your next stool is just a click away!

Five tips for choosing the perfect counter and bar stools for your kitchen

Check your counter height!

Stool with a backrest or stool without a backrest?

choice of style

Choice of materials and finishes.

Turn or not!

Oh, and here are the extras… Budget! I can not forget it!

Let’s dive into this below and look at some examples.

1) Check your counter height!

Of course, height is an important consideration. It’s a matter of course, but there was a scene where it was necessary to check the height. 🙂

The common counter height stool has a seat height of 24 inches and is required for a common kitchen counter height of 36 inches.

A 42″ tall bar requires a 30″ seat height. This is the overall height of the raised bar.

These vinyl-covered counter stools are perfect for this young family’s long kitchen bar. It fits nicely off the curb when not in use and can simply be turned around for additional seating in the adjoining living room. carlaaston.com

I’ve had weird heights before, so I’d recommend checking your counter height.

I worked a job that had a 42″ high bar, and the stairs to the kitchen raised the bar about 7″ on one side. The previous owner had custom-made stools, so we refinished and reupholstered them as it would be expensive to build new stools to this custom height. (Those were towering bar stools, tell me!)

In another job, a kitchen island was installed before the new thick tile floors came in, but with a slightly larger (smaller) height difference than expected. The stool I had was custom-made and would have been perfect if the island had allowed for floor height. The solution was to cut an inch off the legs of the stool and restore them.

By the way, do not take out a saw and do it yourself. 🙂

Some experience is needed to adjust all four legs precisely so that the stool does not wobble.

2) Stools with backs or without backs are an important consideration

There are many reasons to use back or backless stools. That’s how I found out which one is better for my job.

Backless counter stools were a perfect fit in this kitchen. It can be stored under the counter when not in use or out of the way. We made a big visual statement with the backsplash, but we didn’t want to obscure the look with competitor elements on the back of the stool. carlaaston.com

Want to make a visual statement with the back of your stool?

Typically, with a backrest, you can use the style of the stool, the pattern created by the backrest, or the pattern or color of the backrest fabric to make a visual style statement. When you look at a kitchen, it can really become an important part of the design.

3) Style choices make a big difference

Especially with backed stools, the style of the stool greatly affects the look of the kitchen and the space as a whole.

The very traditional cottage-like look of this kitchen below is accentuated by the Windsor style of the counter stools.

The Windsor style of these swivel stools represents the country house style of this kitchen. carlaaston.com

I love the modern rustic iron and leather stools from Woodbridge Furniture. These are perfect for any type of home that needs warmth and a rustic look added to their selection of stools.

4) Choice of materials and finishes

Do you want a wooden stool, a metal stool, an acrylic stool, a stool with an upholstered seat and back? There are so many things to consider when it comes to materials and finishes. That’s how I start narrowing down my options.

The material of the stool is often considered by looking at the finish around the stool.

I often want my stools to contrast with the bar area, so I place light-painted stools on a dark wood floor or against a wooden bar top, depending on whether they have backs. For whites and light colors, you may want a darker tone to finish.

For one of my projects, I loved how these painted stools with light gray Krypton upholstered seats looked with the dark wood floor and brick bar face surrounding them. I brought the white cabinets from the kitchen to this side of the bar.

5) Rotate or not?

Backless stools are more flexible and allow you to sit toward or away from the bar without moving the stool, but swivels are better in situations where there is a lot of turning. It’s also good for heavy stools because if they’re far enough apart, you don’t have to pull them out to sit on.

Swivel stools are looking pretty cool these days, and there are also styles that can hardly be called swivels.

Kids can go a little crazy, but we’ve always found vinyl-covered backless stools to be the best for kids.

These swivel stools that I used on this job help clients talk to people and watch TV in the breakfast room or family room.

Don’t forget your budget!

After spending a lot of money redoing your kitchen, buying some new stools may seem a bit out of reach. There are some decent cheap options, but they may not last as long or be as comfortable in the long run.

One way to get better quality is to use a wooden or rattan seat and opt for one without a back.

A fully upholstered stool is usually the most expensive option.

Fully upholstered stools like the one below, with vinyl seats and performance fabric on the back, are a more expensive investment.

This kitchen has a tone-on-tone white look, so I wanted a contrast between the dark legs and the fabric patterns.

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