Steel Furniture with the Best Material for Buyers in Bulk

The main buyers of steel furniture are commercial companies that export all kinds of comfortable, classic and royal furniture with a reputable domestic brand and first-class quality to the surrounding countries. In Iran, in large cities, there are many furniture workshops that produce a variety of steel furniture using the best wood such as beech and walnut. These products try to improve customer product quality to achieve customer satisfaction and have the most sales compared to other domestic and foreign competitors.

Should we buy a foreign or Iranian sofa?

Steel sofa is a very good option for large houses with open spaces because this type of furniture takes up more space than comfortable furniture and is more suitable for large houses. The stunning beauty and high quality of this product has attracted the attention of many customers and many people prefer to provide this type of sofa due to its high efficiency and performance.

Today in the country we see the supply of foreign furniture in different designs and models that are imported by commercial companies and are welcomed by many buyers. The seller of foreign furniture makes a very good profit from selling all kinds of imported furniture because these sofas have a lot of fans due to their high quality and new designs, and their price is very reasonable considering their first-class quality.

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Steel Furniture with the Best Material for Buyers in Bulk

Steel Furniture Share in World Import in 2022

Steel Furniture Share in World Import in 2022

With the spread of vaccination around the world and the reopening of global borders, the Turkish tourism industry has flourished slightly. Despite the slowdown in economic growth, Turkey used its strategic position as a supply chain in the absence of other countries (due to the coronary conditions) and, while increasing domestic production, ended 2021 with a record export of $ 225.3 billion. Thus, with a growth of 7.4 percent in the second quarter and 21.7 percent in the third quarter of 2021, it ranked second after the United Kingdom among the growing OECD countries.

The most important economic developments in Turkey in 2021 are contained in the official sources of Turkey as well as the statements of the country’s officials

Volume of trade, production, export

Turkey’s foreign trade volume increased by 27.6% to $ 496.7 billion;

Turkish exports rose 33 percent to $ 225.3 billion;

Turkish imports rose 24 percent to $ 271.3 billion;

Turkey’s foreign trade deficit fell 7.8 percent to $ 45.987 billion;

Turkish officials aim to increase exports to $ 250 billion by 2022;

For the first time, Turkey’s share of world trade exceeded 1%;

Istanbul’s 89 billion share of Turkey’s total exports (more than a third);

Kojali $ 3 billion exports during 2021;

$ 15 billion exports from Bursa province;

Exports of $ 12.2 billion from Izmir Province;

Ghazni-Antep province with $ 10.1 billion, Ankara with $ 9.3 billion and Manisa with $ 5.2 billion in exports were also ranked fifth to seventh with the most exports;

Mediterranean exports rose 46 percent to $ 16.3 billion;

$ 1.1 billion in exports from Trabzon Province;

Permissions You Must Have Know for Export Steel Furniture

Permissions You Must Have Know for Export Steel Furniture

Export means the transfer of goods from one country to another, but this transfer is not just goods and services may also be exported to other countries. Of course, the transfer of goods is called export if it has been done through the legal and customs channels of the country and all the related tariffs and duties have been paid; Otherwise, it becomes smuggled and is not legal. Many companies send and export their products to different countries in the world, and there are no restrictions for some products, and manufacturers They can also send their product to the farthest available areas.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exporting goods?

As mentioned in the previous section, today many companies export their products and services to different countries of the world, and this makes the economic and cultural relations between the countries very good.

Market Boom Wholesale Steel Furniture in Recent Month

Market Boom Wholesale Steel Furniture in Recent Month

Home decoration stands out and the sofa is one of the most important elements that have a great impact on the interior decoration of our home in terms of functionality and visuals. Unfortunately, exchange rate fluctuations in recent months have caused many problems for the furniture industry in the country. What is certain is that some people in the furniture industry agree that the furniture industry is currently facing numerous challenges that have made the future of this industry difficult.

To learn more about the situation of the furniture industry in Shiraz, we went to a few manufacturers and sellers of home furniture and talked to them about the current and future situation of the furniture market, which is a light and fast-growing industry and can create a huge wave of employment. we did.

“Tamasha” field study of the situation of Shiraz furniture market shows that the furniture market no longer has old loyal customers. People are now spending less time walking in this market due to the recession and lack of liquidity. Vendors also face many problems. Concerns about the supply of furniture equipment, low sales and non-stabilization of prices are among the most important weaknesses of the furniture industry in Shiraz.

* One of the problems of Shiraz furniture industry is the production of traditional and old goods in the market

Abdul Rasool Behbahani, one of the active people in this union, believing that selling furniture is among the jobs that have a good and suitable labor market and the number of applicants is increasing day by day, said: Currently, many sellers are aware of the market situation and business situation. And they are complaining. They believe that the furniture market is sluggish and people’s purchasing power has decreased. If this is not true.

He said that in recent years, furniture from the perspective of society has become a luxury item, one of the most important and main elements of home furniture, he said: In the past and in the traditional life of Iranian families, furniture as a necessity among the furniture And home furniture definition

It was not possible and the use of carpets and kilims was common, but now people’s lifestyles have changed a lot. Now, in addition to the basic and essential items that are needed for daily life, the use of luxury items has also become a part of life and their preparation and use is inevitable. In the past, the sofa was used only in the homes of the wealthy, but in recent decades and years, the rate of sofa use in residential homes has grown significantly.

Behbahani added: “With the achievement of social changes, the use of furniture in residential houses has increased so much that few houses and families can be found who do not use furniture in their homes.” Due to this change in taste, the production of dining tables and sofas in the country also increased significantly, and many job seekers were employed in this field and job cycle by training and learning how to make and repair sofas.

He continued: “Currently, our sales are very good and with the increase in prices, we have not had a significant change in our sales.” For example, last month we had 117 million seven hundred and sixty thousand tomans

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