panton one lounge chair and its choosing considerations

Choosing panton one lounge chair needs some considerations to be taken into mind.

There are different models of this type of chair, and different companies with different brands have entered the competitive market, which we will consider in this article.

The beauty of designer armchairs is that they not only serve as decorative and eye-catching pieces but also serve as comfort and refuge in the hustle and bustle of home life. Not just a contemporary armchair, but a classic design. You can choose a chair that is both a piece of art and a piece of furniture.

With a keen understanding of the functionality, Historic Design Lounge Chairs have become design staples due to their focus on comfort, performance, and aesthetics. We offer a selection of classic interior design items from the last century.


Minimize furniture to create space in small rooms or corners.

Larger spaces can benefit from the presence of wood and darker, more dramatic colors.

Consider which shape of chair best suits your desired function. The high back provides privacy in the living room and good support for your head and neck. A more horizontally oriented lounger, on the other hand, offers flexibility and more restful sleep. Place design-oriented items in the center of the room for added style.

choice of upholstery

With so many varieties available, knowing how to choose the best fabric can be difficult. You’ll want to see how they match the rest of your furniture. We stock all of our exclusive fabrics to view in our store, order online, or take away. We’ve made this easier by providing the options as examples.

As a general rule for all upholstery, always protect it from direct sunlight as it can cause discoloration and aging of the material.

Eames lounger

By Charles and Ray Eames

One of the most famous works by Charles and Ray Eames, this luxurious armchair has undergone several significant contemporary upgrades by Vitra since its design in 1956, with increased dimensions and width. We offer covers, cases, and bases. Shapely proportioned, made from high-quality materials, and lighter than a traditional club chair lounger, the modern Eames Lounger is a modern furniture staple.


Yury Gukkapro

The Karuselli armchair is a classic of contemporary design. Developed by Yrjö Kukkapuro in 1964, Karuselli offers a beautiful and comfortable seat after much experimentation on how snow behaves when you sit on it. A perfect artistic addition to your home.

great repository

Antonio Citterio

Designed by Antonio Citterio in 2012 and manufactured by Vitra, Grand Lupo is the epitome of comfort and relaxation in timeless elegance. The chair adjusts to your position and weight thanks to biomechanics and can then be locked in any position. This iconic piece is finished in gray, allowing it to harmonize with a variety of interior schemes.

egg chair

arn jacobsen

A distinctive feature of the Egg Lounge Chair is its strong, sculptural silhouette. A variety of cloth and leather upholstery is available. Developed by architect Arne Jacobsen through experimentation with clay forms, the egg was first produced in 1958. Its shape offers privacy and comfort for reading and resting, as well as a strong personality.

Chaise longue LC4

Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand

Also known as the ‘Relax Machine,’ the LC4 is one of the simple tubular designs made famous by Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Designed by him in 1928 with Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, this armchair is the perfect balance between form, function, geometry, and art history.

The type of chair you choose for your living room can make a big difference in your sense of space and level of comfort. With so many options, it’s important to consider what you want your chair to accomplish. Consider how the chair will be used and whom you want to accommodate.

For example, if you’re looking for a small chair to act as an additional seating option or to fill a small nook, the Slipper could be perfect if you are looking for a chair and a half chair or a barrel chair; there are better options. Also, if you’re looking for optimal comfort or the ability to accommodate people who like to put their feet up, a recliner is the way to go. Thinking about the purpose and what you want to achieve with your space will help you choose the chair that best suits your situation.

English roll chair

It adds a touch of traditional design and incorporates deep cushioning and a comfortable resting place.

British rolled armchairs are iconic and traditional, known for their rolled arms, deep soft cushions, and slightly sloping backs. With a deep seat and plenty of soft cushions, it’s perfect for relaxing with a book. Perfect for any space seeking added comfort and a familiar, traditional design style.

lawson chair

Spaces that require a structured chair design and a sophisticated style.

The Lawson Chair features sleek lines and straight arms that sit lower than the back. These chairs offer a solid frame and cushioning for a somewhat traditional mid-century modern look. They are ideal for areas that need a good reading chair that adds a clean feel to the space.

barrel chair

People who like to curl up or sit sideways.

A barrel chair is usually built in one continuous piece, with a curved back to create two arms. The chair got its name because its unique rounded shape resembles a barrel. This curved shape provides equal support throughout the chair, making it easy to hug the user and snuggle up or sit sideways.

chair and a half

A small living room where a large sofa will not fit, or large space where a small chair is not big enough.

The Chair and a Half is exactly what it sounds like: slightly larger than a single chair and smaller than a loveseat designed for two. Chairs and half chairs are the perfect solutions for adding extra seating space in very tight spaces where larger seating options don’t fit.

Conversely, this piece of furniture is also ideal for large areas where small chairs don’t provide enough seating or floor space. This unique seating option is perfect for snuggling up or sharing a seat with a child or furry friend. Chairs and halves can be found in a variety of styles and upholstery options.

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