panton chair new benefits that include its folding capability

Benefits of choosing a plastic folding chair that include a new capability for panton chair

Benefits of choosing a plastic folding chair

Before, it was made of natural fibers and other materials, but now there is no doubt that it is a plastic version. This adaptation can be seen in various industries, from the medical industry to the agricultural sector. Furthermore, everyday household items and personal items can also be made of plastic.

Plastic does not offer the luxury and sophistication that traditional wooden furniture does, but it has become a trend and has become a fashionable role for many people, and there is a small price to pay for comfort.

Like many other things, plastic folding chairs have found their way into almost every home and even office. Whether it’s an indoor folding chair or an outdoor plastic folding chair, they come in a variety of designs, so they go well with almost any décor style. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that plastic chairs offer.

Advantages of plastic folding chairs

With a wide variety of furniture on the market today, it’s no wonder plastic has made its way into the furniture industry.

Chairs made from materials such as wood, aluminum, and metal tend to be more expensive compared to chairs made from PVC materials, which are mass-produced and cheaply available. The main reason for choosing a plastic chair over any chair is its price.

If you’re wondering whether you should opt for a plastic folding chair, choosing a plastic folding chair over chairs made from other materials will help you make a more informed decision.

It does not require maintenance.

Yes, you read it right! Chairs made from plastic materials tend to be virtually maintenance-free. Just buy it, take it home, and set it up wherever you want. There is no need to spend any more time or money on these chairs. It is easy!

Another great advantage of plastic folding chairs is that the plastic material resists fading when exposed to stains, scuffs, and spills. So you can enjoy your tea or coffee without worrying about your furniture being ruined by accidental spills. If you spill something on the chair, you should gently wipe it off with a cloth, as plastic is easy to clean.

environmental friendly

Recycled plastic is commonly used in plastic furniture, such as plastic chairs, but it has the advantage of being reusable. This means that choosing plastic furniture over another table will reduce your carbon footprint.

Technically speaking, choosing plastic furniture over wooden furniture also reduces the number of trees that are cut down to make wooden furniture. Everyone can play a role in reusing recycled or reusable products when disposed of by appropriate custodians. As mentioned above, this results in fewer trees being cut down to make furniture, especially chairs, significantly reducing deforestation. Isn’t it ecological?


For many people, price is the number one deciding factor when buying furniture. If you are also one of these people, we have good news for you!

Plastic chairs are often cheaper in price compared to chairs made from materials like metal or wood. You can get a pleasant and comfortable chair for a fraction of the cost of making a wooden chair.


It doesn’t mean you have to carry a chair with you all the time, but be aware of the situations in which you do. Would it be easy to move a heavy wooden chair from one place to another? Well, that’s what we thought!

Plastic chairs are so light that you can quickly move them from one place to another in your home or office. So if you have to pull your chair frequently, a lightweight plastic folding chair is ideal.


Non-corrosive and lightweight plastic chairs are incredibly versatile. The versatility of this material comes from its ability to be molded, laminated, and reshaped as needed. In addition, this material is suitable for almost all types of applications.

When you search our wholesale collection of plastic folding chairs, you will find not only outdoor plastic folding chairs but also indoor folding chairs for home, school, and office. In addition, there are many colors of materials so that you can find a black plastic folding chair, a white plastic folding chair, or a chair in your favorite color.


Plastic is waterproof, which is essential, especially when it comes to outdoor furniture. While metal or wood chairs will peel off paint and materials when exposed to water, plastic outdoor folding chairs will not be affected at all by exposure to water or extreme weather conditions.

In some cases, the paint may come off a bit, but you can fix it yourself, so you don’t have to worry about it.

termite free

There is no denying that wooden chairs have a certain feel and give off an aesthetic vibe. However, this aesthetic also tends to attract many termites, which can cause many problems.

safe for children

Plastic chairs are great chairs for places where there are children who tend to drop things on their chairs.


If you use suitable quality plastic for your chair, there is a very small chance that it will break or crack due to excessive use or added weight. In addition, climate change also does not affect the good quality of the plastic material, so you do not have to worry about it weakening or breaking after excessive exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow.

Wooden chairs are generally limited to a certain set of colors. However, plastic furniture offers a wide variety of color options to choose from.

The growing trend of plastic chairs.

In 2018, the global plastic furniture market was valued at US$11.9 billion. This figure is projected to increase at a CAGR of 3.9% between 2019 and 2025. The above factors, such as durability, affordability, low maintenance, and environmental friendliness, are the reasons why more and more people are attracted to plastic—folding chairs.

In addition, the growing trend of nuclear families has increased the demand for furniture that is easy to transport and move, indicating a wide range of furniture made from plastic materials. The limiting factor is that some companies that offer wholesale plastic chairs do not put much emphasis on the quality of the materials used. That is why there are certain problems that make people want to buy plastic furniture.

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