modern dresser with mirror is a multifunctional furniture in entryways 

Here are a few tips for styling your modern dresser and its mirror, which is considered a multifunctional furniture in every entryway

Having a sanctuary feel in your master bedroom can help create a calming atmosphere in your home.

The styling of the dresser helps capture that sanctuary-like space.

It helps keep clutter away and creates a more serene environment.

We’ve developed a system that’s reliable.

It’s helped me maintain a well-rounded, stylish look.

We hope these five tips help you if you’re not sure where to start to create a cohesive look.

These are all my opinions, and while I have not been professionally trained, these have helped my space feel more stylish.

type of decoration

No matter what type of dresser you have, it’s important to consider the rest of your display and decor to find the right fit.

Want to store hats, jewelry, and other accessories on your dresser? Perhaps use it as a hiding place for potted plants.

Either way, think about how the mirror you choose fits into the decorations you already have.

available wall space

Think about how much wall space you have around your dresser and what it would look like if you added a mirror.

This is especially right if you already have wall hangings or other drapes near your dresser.

Adding mirrors to an already cluttered wall can make the space feel more cluttered.

Most of the time, that’s not ideal.

Consider the rest of the room.

When adding a major design piece, like a mirror, to a room, it’s important to consider how it will blend in with the rest of the room.

Think about what you have now combined with the mirror and chest of drawers.

how to use a mirror

Choose a mirror that suits your needs.

For decoration, you have a little more flexibility in the type of mirror you choose.

However, if you plan to use a mirror during preparation, you will need one positioned so that you can see the entire costume.

matching mirrors

If you really like to make sure your mirror matches your dresser perfectly, you should consider buying a matching set or a dresser with an attached mirror.

So you don’t have to worry about things colliding.

layer mirror and art

If you like a casual, modern look, layering artwork on your mirror can help you achieve that vibe.

My preference is to tilt the mirror, but if you want to hang it, that works too.

Some dressers come with a mirror, but I recommend that you ditch that and buy one that you can coordinate with.

You have gold hardware, and black might work if you have black.

This is just a suggestion, really the only rule is to avoid a matching, matching look attached to your dresser.

If you have to keep the mirror that came with your chest of drawers for budget reasons, I think it’s best to hang it up.

The tilt also works well when it comes to layering art.

Additionally, using different colored frames for your art can give your dresser an elegant look.

The sky is the limit here, depending on the mood of your room.

Vintage art is making a big comeback and helping to give it a moody vibe.

I love the seaside vibe, so layering seaside artwork will give the room a seaside feel.

Also, if you’d rather use art as the main focus of your dresser than a mirror, layering small and large pieces is another strategy that works well for styling your dresser.

Add height with vases and lamps.

Tall objects like vases and lamps are useful for giving balance to your dresser. I think one or both will work.

Fill horizontal space

Adding taller pieces will help balance it vertically.

So to do the same with the horizontal space, consider using books or boxes of different sizes to fill the horizontal space.

This sets a cohesive look with the taller vertical pieces.

I love buying books and boxes at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.

Look for neutral colors in the book. Stacking two boxes of different sizes works well if you’re buying boxes.

Trays also work well for filling horizontal space and can also add another texture and interest to your dresser.

add green

This strategy works anywhere in the house but works best on dressers – I like tall branches in vases.

Hobby Lobby is honestly my favorite place to buy fake stems.

I’ve also been known to grab branches from outside in my garden.

These will last for weeks in a jar of water.

I like to keep real stems in a pot of water in a vase.

This makes it easier to change and change the water.

If you are adding multiple items with greenery, try varying the size of the leaves.

So if you have one with large leaves, try adding another with more compact leaf size.

Additionally, by altering the height of the green, balance and scale are maintained, giving a stylish feel.

Use structural elements

Using structural elements is a great way to add visual interest to your horizontal space.

It is a natural object like a branch or a piece of coral.

Wooden ties and beads are also trending right now and work well for adding texture.

Try stacking these structural pieces on a book or draping them over a tray.

These types of details help create an elegant look for your storage space.

We hope these notes will help you when shopping for items to decorate or style your storage space.

There are absolutely no certain rules, but following these guidelines has helped me create a space that feels more appealing to me.

There’s no more important area to do that than your bedroom.

Below I’ve included some bedroom dresser decorating links and other great finds to help you out if you’re shopping for decor to style your dresser space.

Let us know what you really think of this easy-to-implement formula.

If you try it, let us know below!!

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