lowes outdoor chair cushions for garden furniture

How to choose lowes outdoor cushions for garden furniture

A patio chair transforms your outdoor space into the perfect entertaining area.

Whether your patio is designed for parties or relaxing, the right patio furniture cushions can keep your space stylish and comfortable.

Patio furniture cushions can complement your outdoor decor, but they need to be functional and durable.

What size patio furniture cushions do you need?

The right size for your chair depends on its width, depth, and height.

Carefully measure the width and depth of the seat between the armrests to get the same cushion or slightly smaller than the seat.

Most seat cushions are between 18 and 24 inches wide and deep.

For long one-piece cushions for sun loungers and patio recliners, put the folding cushions in place.

Most chaise longue cushions have 2 or 3 segments of equal length, but make sure your furniture has joints in about the same 2 or 3 places.

What are the best fabrics for garden furniture cushions?

Vinyl is a tough, stain-resistant material, but it can get hot in the sun and fade easily.

Economical and suitable for shady garden furniture.

Cotton canvas is durable and inexpensive.

However, it is not waterproof or colorfast unless a special coating is applied.

Solution-dyed acrylic is durable, colorfast, and smooth.

It is a little more expensive than other materials, but it lasts a long time.

Polyester is highly stain-resistant and makes a good outdoor fabric when covered with PVC.

However, this PVC material is obviously less soft.

What is the best foam or padding for patio furniture cushions?

Both reticulated foam and polyester fibers are ideal for cushions outdoor furniture.

Fast drying and durable.

Reticulated foam is slightly more expensive but has better resistance to microorganisms and moisture.

Polyester fiberfill, on the other hand, is visually appealing but compresses quickly and provides less support, making it a better choice for accent pillows.

Dacron is another durable option that is great for outdoor cushions as it doesn’t go flat like other fillings.

Dacron cushions are ideal for patio sofas and loungers as they provide a firm and more supportive seat.

The slim-fit construction gives it a sleek, streamlined look that’s ideal for modern and contemporary homes.

Also, think about the thickness of the seat cushion foam, as it can affect the comfort of the furniture.

Choose a cushion that is at least 4 inches thick, as the padding compresses when you sit on it.

For chaise longues and sun loungers, the padding should be approximately 2 inches thick.

But keep in mind that thicker padding slows down drying and can lead to mildew.

What color should I choose for my cushions?

The color of the cushions helps set the mood for the entire patio.

If you have a pool, look for tropical colors like bright pink, corals, and blues in bold patterns.

You can also combine and match the colors of the cushions, as long as the colors match the rest of the patio theme.

If you’re not sure what color theme to choose, take inspiration from your garden.

Create a neutral base and add a pop of color by choosing cushions that match the hues of the flowers in your garden.

Patios with a more mature feel for dining or fire pits can stick to neutral or soft floral cushions.

Gray or brown cushions hide dirt well and can be combined with stone tiles and fire pits.

Floral prints go well with white wicker or wooden chairs.

Do you need a back cushion?

Some owners prefer to use seat cushions or use cushions for comfort.

This is a great option for patios with stylish chairs that add to the ambiance.

With a back cushion, however, it is designed to snap and stay in place on your outdoor chair, preventing it from shifting or sliding while sitting.

A two-piece cushion set is a great option for this situation.

Or, look for patio furniture cushions with attached back and seat cushions.

Either way, choose cushions that will accent your furniture and are comfortable for long periods of use.

Can I get cushion covers for my outdoor furniture?

In theory, you can make or find covers to protect your new cushions, but you should replace the old ones rather than cover them.

Patio furniture cushions are made from materials that prioritize moisture resistance over durability, so they typically start to wear after a few years.

Some of this wear is cosmetic, but so is the foam inside.

The best way to protect and extend the life of your patio furniture cushions is to store them indoors when not in use and use covers to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements.

quick tip

Measure your patio furniture carefully to find the perfect size outdoor cushions.

Measure both the depth of the seat and the width between the armrests.

Cushions or furniture with curved shapes should be measured from the widest point.

The fabric of the cushion must be resistant, waterproof, and elegant.

Choose from a variety of options, including vinyl, canvas, acrylic, and polyester.

Outdoor cushions do not need covers.

We recommend replacing the cushion instead of covering it.

However, you can extend the life of your outdoor cushions by storing them when not in use.

The interior padding of the cushion determines the level of comfort and support the cushion provides.

Choose from polyester fiberfill, high-density foam, and Dacron.

Seat cushions must be at least 4 inches thick to account for compression.

Back cushions enhance the comfort and style of your furniture.

You can choose between a 2-piece set or the attached seat and back cushions.

However, accent pillows can be an alternative way to personalize your space.

fill type

There are several options when purchasing outdoor cushions.

One is foam, one of the most popular and affordable options.

The other is batting, which is foam wrapped in a material called Dacron.

This option tends to be soft and firm, so use this if you don’t want to “sink” into the cushion.

However, you can still get a firm cushion with just foam padding.

Firm If you want a firmer seat, use the densest foam you can find.

When shopping for an outdoor chair, keep in mind a few extras that you might like.

For example, the ties allow the cushion to be securely attached to the seat, so it doesn’t slip or blow away on windy days.

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