environmental impact of wooden furniture for furnishing your home

the environmental impact of wooden furniture is obvious for all people Choosing them.

What kind of wood do you use for furniture? You probably know this question is not as simple as it seems, especially if you are furnishing your home. The answer is up to your intended use and your budget.

In addition to the quality and type of wood used in the furniture, the process used to make the piece is another factor that significantly influences the quality level of the wooden furniture you are considering. In this article, we hope to explain the types of wood used to make furniture and how differences in furniture wood affect quality and price.

furniture forest

The primary raw material used to assemble furniture is wood. Before we get into the question of wood quality, let’s look at the types of wood used to make furniture.

There are two types of wood used in furniture construction: solid wood, softwood, and hardwood. And then there is processed wood. Wood is often an engineered material that is a composite of synthetic materials and natural wood.

solid wood for furniture construction

Wood is obtained solely from wood, a wood product called solid wood. Hardwoods and conifers are the two categories.

hardwood for furniture

Compared to conifers, hardwoods are denser. It has its source in slow-growing deciduous trees. The type of wood frequently used in quality wooden furniture belongs to the hardwood family. Hardwoods commonly used in furniture construction include oak, hickory, teak, maple, beech, walnut, and mahogany.

softwood for furniture

Conifers are generally derived from conifers which grow faster and are less dense than hardwoods. Softwoods commonly used in furniture making include spruce, pine, and fir.

engineered wood furniture

Engineered or engineered wood includes different types of wood and is not solid wood but is also used to make wooden furniture.

Types of wood produced:

Plywood: 3-5 pieces of thin wood are cut and glued together and are considered original treated wood.

Particleboard: Particleboard, often called fiberboard, is made using a wood chipper to break wood into tiny fibers and glue them together.

best wood for furniture, maple wood furniture

Maple is an ideal furniture wood. There may be different types of maple, but almost all of them make great furniture, are very durable, and are used very often. Several grain patterns are available, depending on the maple species you are interested in.

mahogany furniture

Mahogany is one of the traditional woods in furniture making, and it is a beautiful wood. It has the strength of oak while being lighter than other types of wood.

Mahogany is considered a reddish brown, but the wood has softer colors. Genuine mahogany is found in Latin America and is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Therefore, it may seem expensive.

oak wood furniture

A durable wood, oak is typically used for kitchen furniture and flooring. It may be beautiful, but it will become yellow over time. On the other hand, red oak is porous and somewhat dark in color. Oak is also an excellent material for furniture because it is inexpensive and beautiful.

cherry wood furniture

The cherry color darkens over time, and as it deepens, it shows a vibrant expression. This is one of the most exciting characteristics of wood. Most people choose cherry for its color, but there are other things I like about it. Cherry is a relatively hard material that resists scratches and dents. No toxicity, uniform particles.

pine wood furniture

Knotty pine is commonly found in rustic cabins and is naturally considered a good material for furniture. It’s quite the opposite. Pine is a conifer and is easily damaged. However, it is pretty cheap.

cedar wood furniture

Cedar is a proportionately soft wood, so it is unsuitable for indoor furniture. However, it is naturally weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor furniture. Cedar closets are trendy because the aromatic properties of cedar repel insects.

teak furniture

Teak is considered one of the best kinds of wood for making furniture due to its durability and fire resistance. It is also one of the most expensive types of wood in India and Asia. It is less susceptible to termites and dry rot and looks great after polishing. It can be found in southern and central India.

rosewood furniture

Also known as ‘Indian rosewood’ or ‘Sheesham,’ this type of wood is fine-grained and very durable. Larger sizes are available for cabinet making and decorative engraving. It also keeps its shape. It can be found in Karnataka, Orissa, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Choose wooden garden furniture from sustainable sources

When choosing wooden furniture, look for FSC certification. FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” and means that choosing wood from FSC-certified forests guarantees that it comes from jungles that are managed in an environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically viable way.


Wooden furniture comes in various styles, from classic to contemporary, so finding the right style for your garden shouldn’t be a problem.


The size of your garden also determines which garden furniture is right for you. If you have a small garden, folding chairs or benches are a good choice, but you may have room for separate tables and chairs in larger gardens.

Also, consider the size of the storage area. Can you walk through the door if you’re moving furniture into a shed for the winter?


Another aspect to look for when choosing wooden garden furniture is the availability of cushions that match the style of your garden. Our pallet furniture comes with custom cushions in the color of your choice.


Hardwood is arguably the best type of wood for furniture. Although an increasingly difficult commodity to find, hardwood furniture offers a combination of durability and beauty unmatched by engineered woods or softwoods. Softwoods, while beautiful, are not as durable as hardwoods.

Although there may be a wide variety of fairly durable engineered woods, hardwoods’ beauty and natural characteristics cannot currently be imitated by any technological process. The Janka hardness test, which measures hardness, indicates that the hardest wood is lignum vitae (Guaiacum sanctum).

It has a reading of 4,500 lbs. Choosing the best wood for furniture often involves balancing the conflicting factors of wood beauty and wood density. Red Maple Leaf is a special type of hardwood that does an excellent job of both.

An exotic subset of maple is used for furniture, with a more elaborate grain pattern and brighter colors than regular maple.

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