early years wooden furniture from antiquity to today

From antiquity to today, wood has been considered the best raw material, ecological and economical, for the early years of bedroom furniture. Children’s wooden sets made of natural wood are multifunctional, mobile, and harmless to health as long as no harmful substances are dangerous to the human body.

All caring parents prefer natural and non-toxic materials. These include wood. Wood and Hearts children’s furniture made of solid wood is characterized by its durability, safety, and durability.

There is a wide choice of wooden children’s furniture, with a choice of classic furniture (children over six years old) or playful (children aged 1 to 3 years old). Wooden products are strong enough and easy to repair. Children’s games do not shorten the life of a product.

In which wood to choose your furniture?

The following woods are used in the production of eco-friendly children’s furniture:

Pine wood is used to make baby beds. The phytoncides contained in the composition kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This effect is reduced when treated with varnish, but the smell of pine positively affects the growing organism. Color – bright, yellowish, darkens over time.

Solid beech wood is firm and flexible enough. Therefore, cabinets and chairs are usually made of it. The color is yellowish, turning pinkish brown with age. Beech has good resistance to shocks and humidity. It would be difficult for a child to break such strong material.

Birch wood is used to make cradles for newborns, as it is hypoallergenic. Birch is strong, decorative, and impact resistant, but its lifespan is short. The color is clear, and the fibers are uniform.

Oak wood is valuable, durable, and long-lasting, which is why it is used to make expensive furniture. Colors vary from bright yellow to shades of brown.

Giving preference to furniture made of eco-wood, it will be possible to equip the children’s room in a safe and aesthetic way. The material is aesthetic and, most importantly, safe for the health of children. With the help of natural wood, it will be possible to simultaneously equip several functional areas where the child spends his free time.

Sustainability is one of our top priorities – environmentally friendly children’s furniture.

Wood creates a unique microclimate in the children’s room. This natural material retains your child’s dreamy sounds at night and helps them focus during the day.

Children’s furniture is made of environmentally friendly natural wood. At Wood and Hearts, quality matters, which is why our manufacturers only buy wood that has the necessary certifications.

This means that this material is legally sourced, environmentally friendly, and complies with international standards. Painting wooden furniture is also environmentally friendly. Child-safe varnish or water-based paint. So parents don’t have to worry. Children are safe. We hope this article was helpful in your search for children’s furniture.

Wooden furniture has been preferred for centuries due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Its natural look and durability have helped it stay popular in modern times.

When choosing wooden furniture, there are different types of wooden furniture to consider. Below are some considerations to help you find the right wood furniture for your home and your budget.

The new wooden furniture is still in perfect condition. Otherwise, you can usually return it. Usually, you can choose handmade furniture or machine-made furniture. Handmade furniture is usually a little more expensive but offers more customization options and is generally environmentally friendly.

Machine-made furniture has a higher carbon footprint but is generally less expensive to purchase, and flat-pack options may become more widely available for easier shipping. Furniture is much cheaper than new furniture. You may even be able to get free wooden tables and cabinets from some local marketplaces.

Exceptions are vintage pieces and popular antiques, which are generally more expensive. These are valued for their history, and they help bring out the character of period homes, or they simply serve as centerpieces in modern homes.

Before buying second-hand wooden furniture, always inspect it carefully for any damage. Warping, cracking, and mold is bad signs. I also know how to recognize woodworms (which are beetles, not earthworms, by the way) that thrive in dry but moist environments.

Light or dark?

There are many shades of wood. Light-colored wood is more popular these days. It usually makes the space look brighter and more spacious and doesn’t show dirt. Light trees like pine are almost white and ideal for adding light.

Light woods like beech are usually yellowish and provide warmth. Grayish wood shades can also give the room a cool look.

Dark wood may not be as popular, but it’s still a beautiful and elegant choice. It often absorbs light, which can make a room dark and cramped. However, it looks very dramatic when paired with white surroundings and can help give a room a more sophisticated feel.

As with light wood, there are different dark wood tones to consider. Ebony looks almost black, while walnut has a grayish tint. On the other hand, Mahogany and rosewood have a reddish tint and are slightly warmer.

The finished product or the unfinished product?

Many wood furniture pieces come in a variety of finishes to keep them smooth, easy to clean, and hard-wearing. Examples are oils, varnishes, and waxes.

Other finishes only enhance the appearance, such as stains or paints. Additional finishes can be added to your outdoor furniture to protect it from rain and mildew. Laminates are usually added to wood for extra protection against damage.

Wood may require some kind of finish, but some people prefer to avoid certain finishes. Things like laminate are easy to maintain but aren’t ideal if you want to reduce plastic in your home. We recommend avoiding this if you want to show a rough grain.

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