dolls house wooden furniture, and Materials for scale models

Materials which are used for scale models and dolls house wooden furniture

Not all materials for miniature constructions, such as dollhouses, are created equal. Many people consider balsa wood the easiest building material.

Still, most miniaturists only use it for light toys and other things that don’t require a lot of strength. Your choices may change the choice of components, such as windows and doors, or how the house should be finished.

Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages. Read about these materials to understand the tools, techniques, and properties of different building materials before you start constructing your model building.

Baltic Birch vs. MDF

Dollhouses and other miniature-scale buildings are often sold as kits or as finished products made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or Baltic birch plywood.

Both materials produce gas, so don’t leave them unfinished. The plywood construction is lightweight and can be constructed in such a way that it can be taken apart or added later. If using MDF, always prime before painting.

alligator foam

Gatorfoam or Gatorboard is mainly used for indoor and outdoor display mediums for photos and posters. It is an excellent building material for miniature painters, unlike the more commonly available foam core panels.

It is best cut with a fine-toothed power tool, but its lightweight and smooth, water-resistant surface makes it ideal for many small applications.

This material outgasses and may not be acceptable in museums. It is most often used as a substrate for displays when using pulp or other modeling materials to create special surface techniques or when a lightweight, sturdy material is required.

Ruan Plywood (Philippine Mahogany)

Luang plywood, also known as lauan, is a common material used for inexpensive dollhouse kits. It is an easy material to work with but requires more finishing work than other options. In kits, this plywood is often cut and assembled using a tongue-and-slot construction method rather than nails and screws.

Thin luan buildings should use doors and windows designed to match this material. It is also more difficult to route circular wires through lounge chairs, as floors and walls may be too thin to accommodate a wire channel. Luan plywood is available at building supply stores as “door skins” for repainting interior doors.

Craft Strip Lumber or Scale Lumber

Kraft wood strips and scale materials are available from a variety of suppliers. Most wood strips used in miniature furniture and building projects are basswood or tilia (basswood) wood, both of which have good grain and strength.

Some specialty hardwoods are available from specialty suppliers, primarily in model ship sizes, but are also available in various scales for dollhouse miniatures. ), suitable for cutting scale furniture, dollhouses, and bedroom boxes.


Paperboard, Davey board, or paperboard is an inexpensive, acid-neutral, high-density paper-based paperboard used for boxes and strong book covers. Often used to build chamber boxes and insulation boxes for dollhouse displays.

It is also selected as a material for architectural models. It can also be used as a base for printable miniature buildings. Book boards are available from scrapbook and artwork suppliers or book repair professionals.

styrene sheet

Styrene sheets can be bent, shaped, and glued to create buildings and other models. It is most commonly used for model train, and scratch vehicle builds, but it can also be used for other types of model buildings.

task board

Neither cardboard nor paperboard task boards are lightweight boards made from non-aligned wood fibers. Available at specialty art supply stores, chore charts can be shaped into curves and spirals for special building projects.

creative paper pulp

Creative Paper Clay is a handy medium for creating miniature plaster, stucco, parging, stone tile, tiled floors and walls, landscaping rock and stone effects, or small triangular miniatures and sculptures.

Dimensions. With handling properties very similar to fine clay, you can easily and safely create strong, lightweight miniatures that require no hardening other than a protective layer of putty.


Coroplast is basically plastic with a cardboard channel structure. It can be used as a cover for some short-term buildings and outdoor models, but its primary use for models and miniatures is to create acid-neutral storage boxes. Like cardboard, it is easily pleated along one side of the channel wall and folded to form a straight fold.

Note the dominant wood tones.

One of the tricks to making sure everything works is to find a dominant wood tone that will serve as the base for any wood furniture you buy or a custom build. If you already have existing wood floors, you can start there. If you don’t already have one, choose the shade you want to reflect best in your home.

Choose large pieces of furniture in this shade. Then freely combine other shades of wood to create smaller pieces throughout the space. This creates the illusion of consistency throughout the room.

Note the nuance

If you like to choose different shades of wood or if you have no choice but to do so, you can combine them for a great look. Only those with matching undertones should be selected. Wood, like skin, has different shades: warm, cool, and neutral.

Decide which one you prefer and choose furniture from this category. The same rules apply if you plan to build custom wooden furniture for your home. If you follow this advice, everything will blend together perfectly, even if it’s made from different types of wood. It’s helpful for

Don’t be afraid to create contrast.

Furniture that goes well together doesn’t have to be the same color or shade. Adding a little contrast to the space can help it look better. Exploring the depth of color and shade makes the whole place inviting.

For example, you can combine dark wooden floors with wooden chairs in warm tones. Make the pairing visible throughout the space to create continuity for the eye.


Wooden furniture is great for making dollhouses, but it can be tricky when combined with other materials. These rules serve as a guide, but the type of furniture you need to complete your home depends on your taste and vision. Finding the right furniture can be frustrating, but custom wood furniture can never go wrong.

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