dog chewing wooden furniture and the reasons behind this

Why Are Dogs Chewing furniture? One of the most notable reasons behind this is the taste and durability of wooden materials, which causes such behavior by a dog.

Most dog ​​owners have had the experience of returning home to find wooden furniture and trim with dog teeth marks or partially broken pieces.

There are many reasons why dogs don’t like to nibble on wood. Understanding the possible reasons for the chewing behavior can help you deal with the problem effectively.

Wooden furniture is a must in interior decoration. The refined nature makes wooden furniture the perfect product for your home and health.

Wood is a natural material that is beautiful to look at and touch. In the furniture sector, it is a timeless classic. Wooden furniture unleashes creativity by adapting to any style,

from modern to classic, from contemporary to country, from ethnic to shabby chic to minimalist, depending on the color combination and the wood you choose. I teach at big companies like IKEA and Oak Furniture Land.

Wood has incredible aesthetic potential. Its colors and grains enrich rooms large and small, both indoors and outdoors, conveying a sense of security and warmth. A wide variety of finishes allows the product to be personalized according to all tastes and, thanks to its calm, clean and geometric lines, perfectly integrated into any situation.

To get to know this material better, it is useful to learn from the design experts at PlayWood the positive impact it has on us and advice on the best way to combine them.

Wooden furniture: wood is the atmosphere

Psychologists have confirmed that there is a direct relationship between the interior design of a room and the emotions of the people living there. Certain environments can affect our moods, emotions, and sensations of each of us.

This is especially true when these environments are equipped with natural furniture. Wood is synonymous with “nature” and transmits a direct link with nature and its purity. It gives a strong feeling of warmth and sophistication.

For this reason, it imparts peace and tranquility and is particularly suitable for rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. Wooden doors and windows also convey well-being and comfort to those who live in the house, giving the room a sophisticated and simple tone.

Solid wood furniture transmits robustness and safety thanks to its effectiveness in protecting against the cold and insulating the environment from bad weather and outside noise.

At least it’s incredibly durable. Solid wood furniture is, therefore, synonymous with sturdiness. Finally, wood is an ecological product that allows us to create a house that evokes and respects nature.

Real wood furniture: happiness underlies everything

Wooden furniture can also affect people’s well-being. At its base is the nature of wood. A material that retains its important properties even when the tree’s wood is no longer connected to the ground. These properties make it an attractive, ecological, and healthy option for our homes, contributing significantly to our health.

Natural wood has been proven beneficial for sleep quality and has antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. Thus, it is possible to fight against what experts call “indoor pollution.”

pollution is caused not only by outdoor particles but also by paint, mold, dust, electromagnetic waves, and all other micro-factors that negatively affect our bodies over time.

Considering all our time at home, it is essential to consider these factors and the well-being of solid wood furniture and furnishings.

Importance of the right choice of wood

For example, plywood only uses FSC-certified products. FSC-certified products ensure that products are made using raw materials from formaldehyde-free forests that are properly managed in accordance with forest management and chain-of-custody principles.

This ensures that the forests from which our products are made are well-managed and farmed sustainably. In addition, for painted furniture, PlayWood only uses water-based and solvent-free paints.

❝Wood is a material with important properties that make it an attractive, ecological, and healthy choice for our homes, contributing significantly to our health.❞

Wooden furniture: expert advice for the perfect combination

Wood can be both the structural elements of your home and the furniture that decorates your home. All these pieces of furniture can be made from different types of wood that must be mixed and matched in the right way to create an environment that will not go unnoticed.

When it comes to having wooden furniture in your home, how do you choose the right wood that best suits your situation?

Take a look at your home first. The environment suggests wooden furniture, colors, and shapes that can be added.

Note the floor and the ceiling.

Suppose the floor or ceiling is dominated by dark tones, adding light. In that case, neutral wood furniture can create a nice contrast without adding strong color elements that clash with the already strong dark tones.

Conversely, when light and neutral tones predominate, choosing a darker, golden, or reddish wood will give character to the environment and make it more lively and modern.

If the floor is polished, choose opaque tones for wooden furniture such as chairs, tables, and small cabinets.

See rugs, curtains, and upholstery.

Suppose coarse weaves are prevalent in your rugs, curtains, and upholstery. In that case, it’s important to break up that pattern by choosing furniture with a more subtle grain or laminates in solid colors.

Modern The shades and grains of natural wood furniture are particularly sophisticated and give the product a natural feel. Still, they must match the context, which does not look good.

Focus on big furniture

Suppose you have large pieces of furniture in your home, such as old dark wood sideboards, which are important pieces of furniture. In that case, moving the other wooden elements away from them is imperative to make them brighter and more refined.

They are of little importance and produce a contrasting effect. Combining old and new furniture in the right way is a great way to create stunning modern wooden furniture.

How to see the undertone

All woods generally have warm tones unless they are washed with gray, black, or white. A simple rule is to pair warm colors with warm shades and cool colors with cool shades. So, if you are trying to create a harmonious whole, choose groups of shades with the same temperature and combine them.

don’t want it all at once

You don’t have to furnish your home with the same furniture and the same style at the same time. The most beautiful residences show care as if the space was created continuously over time.

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