Does mid century modern dresser with mirror follow the modernity?

Does a mid century mirror dresser obsolete and follow modernity?

Keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult.

Deciding between stylish and functional, and practical can be confusing.

This brings me to my question: Are dressers with mirrors out of fashion?

A chest of drawers with a mirror is elegant, but it must also have other qualities.

Vintage dressers with mirrors are also popular, as vintage furniture is revived in style.

Wicker furniture is also back in fashion, so wicker dressers with mirrors are also popular.

The most important thing is that it matches your decor.

Classic style is, well… classic.

But let’s be honest, most interior decorations, even those considered “classic,” change styles.

Keeping up with “what’s hot” can be a little exhausting, so my advice is to choose items you love for your home and not worry too much about what the latest trending magazine has to say. . .

An old chest of drawers with a mounted mirror can add real charm and functionality to your room.

Even if you have a dresser without a mirror, adding a mirror over it is a great choice.

It makes the room spacious and allows you to check your appearance before going out.

Consider a few things, so the mirror doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the area.

chest of drawers

Some vintage dressers were made with attached mirrors, and as vintage furniture was back in fashion, there were matching mirrors too.

If you have a vintage dresser, show it and this mirror.

You get a great chest of drawers that stands out and can be paired with other vintage pieces.

However, you don’t necessarily need a vintage dresser to look stylish with a mirrored dresser.

high contrast mirror

While your dresser mirror provides some contrast, it’s also stylish.

For example, say you have neutral-colored walls and a bold framed mirror.

You can add this mirror to the wall to make the mirror and dresser stand out.

On the other hand, you can also add a simple mirror to a light-colored wall. It provides a contrast that is becoming popular among interior designers.

rattan and wicker

A mirrored chest of drawers with a wicker or rattan design will look stylish.

These materials are back at the forefront of interior design and can often be used in any house room.

Rattan and wicker are a great addition to your bedroom as they blend a summery feel with a classic look.

As long as you don’t mix the wicker dresser with a different aesthetic, consider dressers with mirrors trendy.

How to style your dresser with a mirror

If you have a dresser with a mirror, you must consider how you style it.

That way, you can still look good even if the material or look doesn’t quite match your current style.

dresser size

For some people, a mirrored dresser works wonders.

But a mirror above it might look out of place if you’re using a tall dresser.

A tall chest of drawers already takes up a lot of vertical space, so pairing it with a mirror isn’t the best decorating option.

Adding anything on top can detract from the look of this area of ​​the room and make it feel overwhelming.

On the other hand, short and wide dressers look great in the mirror.

However, if the mirror is not already installed, choosing a mirror that fits well with your dresser and other furniture in your bedroom is important.

dresser decoration

Even if you have a short dresser, you still need to consider what you currently display on top.

The dresser top can store jewelry, hats, or other accessories.

Or maybe you want to keep plants and other types of standard home decor there.

You can always create a fun vignette on your dresser to wrap things up functionally and beautifully.

The idea is to style your dresser top in a practical and pretty way!

wall space

When adding or removing mirrors, you should also consider the wall space around your dresser and its appearance.

Consider if there is artwork on the wall near your dresser.

Placing too many things on the walls can make the room look small and cluttered.

You don’t want bare walls, but if you already have a lot of wall art, that’s something to consider before adding mirrors.

Wall decoration is especially important in small bedrooms.

whole room

When adding major design pieces to a room, you must consider its overall appearance.

Think about the pieces you have in your bedroom right now, how they look, and how they coordinate with your dresser/mirror combo.

Think about the design of dressers, beds, bedside tables, and other furniture.

Imagine how adding or removing a dresser mirror would alter the balance and flow of a room.

For example, removing mirrors can make a room appear smaller.

The style of your bedroom also determines whether dressers with mirrors are fashionable.

If you have a few vintage pieces, chances are one of them has a mirror to match.

But if you have brand new, adding a vintage chest of drawers with a mirror may not suit your decor.

Using the mirror

You can also consider how you plan to use the mirror or if its primary purpose is primarily decorative.

Decorating your space with mirrors can open everything up and reduce the feeling of being blocked.

You can place the mirror next to your dresser, near your closet, or in a corner.

The mirror can be placed above the bed or near the window.

Depending on your current layout, your dresser may not be the most stylish place for your mirror.

However, it makes sense above the dresser if you want to use the mirror while you’re getting ready.

Match the mirror

Consider a matching set if you need a new dresser and want your mirror to look great.

Then you can get both pieces with the same color, look, and design.

You have to ask yourself if blending in with the rest of the room is important.

I like bedroom furniture that doesn’t match too much.

But in the end, you have to find a look that makes you happy every day.

Still, finding a set can make your dresser and mirror more stylish.

You don’t have to worry about matching colors and patterns yourself or worry about where to put the mirror.

If you already have a dresser and want to add a mirror, you will need to look into your dresser.

Pay attention to the material’s color from the surface to the handle.

If it is a natural wood color, determine what shade or wood it contains.

You can also take a photo and refer to it later.

Then go shopping for a coordinating mirror.

You can look for mirrors in similar colors or match the metal mirror frame to the metal of the handle.

But don’t forget to consider the size and shape of your mirror.

Remember, painting an existing mirror frame is a great way to make the most of your vintage decor.

Painting is my solution to almost every decorating dilemma.

your preference

Considering the room’s interior design is important in determining whether a mirror will look good on a dresser, but it’s not the only one.

You should ask yourself if you need a mirror.

If you want a stylish mirrored chest of drawers, go for vintage or wicker.

But if you want to mix and match, consider something with high contrast.


It’s fun to keep up with the latest design trends.

Many of the latest trends are giving way to dressers with mirrors.

Vintage and rattan furniture is making a comeback, but chests of drawers can also be paired with vibrant mirror frames.

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