dining table in Spanish language with tips and guides

Guides for buying a dining table with important tips. All humans, in every language, from Spanish to Chinese, have a single concept and use of the dining table.

In recent years, the dining table has become a daily necessity, and every home has a dining table in the living room. Therefore, this article will guide you in buying a dining table so that you can buy a quality one and use it for many years.

types of dining table

Dining tables are made in various shapes and designs, each with its fans, and each person buys one that matches their home decor. In this section, we will consider the materials and quality of the dining table.

wooden dining table

The base of this type of dining table is usually made of beech or alder. In contrast, the tabletop is made of MDF or HDF and is covered with super beech or mulch to enhance the quality of these tables.

The tops of these tables can be attached to the legs with screws or separated from the legs. Each of these models has its advantages. For example, a model that bolts a tabletop to a base will prevent the base from discoloring, but these bolts and nuts will loosen after a while.

However, if the top plate is separated, the rattle will go away, making it much easier to move the table. Of course, for some tables, the base and tabletop are connected with wood glue, so the base and tabletop are very likely to separate. It is not recommended at all to buy these tables.

There are not many types of MDF tables, but they are high quality and durable. These tables usually have a PVC edge or coating, and the PVC coating makes them resistant to moisture.

One of the peculiarities of metal tables is that they come in different shapes. Of course, it is used in most restaurants because it is moisture resistant. These glass top tables are glued to the base, and after a while of use, the base may come apart from the table.

glass table

A glass table is a wood and metal table with a glass top. Sometimes these glasses are placed on a wooden lid, and sometimes only empty glasses cover the table. Having this transparent surface on your dining table will make the space appear larger. If the house is small, purchasing a table with a glass top is recommended.

standard table and chairs

The chairs at the dining table are very important. The height of these chairs should be proportional to the table’s height, and the chairs’ support should be at an angle of 90 degrees concerning the seat to facilitate the digestion of food.

The height of the dining table should be measured in proportion to its height. This keeps the table top at chest level when you sit behind the table, so you don’t have to bend over while eating.

The distance between the legs of the table and the chair affects the durability and strength. Widely spaced legs increase the chances of the table or chair breaking.

Buy a set of furniture and a dining table.

The furniture and dining table can be coordinated by the color of the wood, the fabric, and even the material of the fabric. You can buy the furniture you want and order a dining table according to the color and type of wood, the color, and the material of the fabric.

Dining table purchase points

The dining table is not only a place for families to gather and eat but also an important focus of home decoration. Therefore, when you buy a dining set that you will use for a long time, you should pay attention to the strength, the space where people can sit, and the shape and size.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to spend on this job. Whether expensive or inexpensive, this dining set must be practical for you and meet your needs in terms of beauty and comfort.

  1. Choose a solid dining table!

Whether you want durable tables and chairs for a celebration or party, or if you have small and playful children at home, a wooden table (natural wood such as walnut, maple, or oak) is a perfect choice. Composite materials like plywood and MDF are strong and affordable but not as strong as natural wood.

  1. Choose the shape of the table according to the space!

Round tables are perfect for small spaces. It’s easier to place chairs around it, and you can fit more if needed. If, for some reason, your rectangular table does not have this flexibility, its base, and sides.

  1. Find the glass on the dining room table!

Glass tables have always been popular as they suit various décor styles. Glossy surfaces are good for spaces that need to appear larger and brighter. The glass currently used for the surfaces of these tables is resistant to shocks and scratches and is safe. Also, the glasses are available in a variety of colors.

If you want to enjoy the charm of wood and glass together, you can also put a glass plate on top of the wooden dining table. This protects the table’s wood from damage and adds a special shine to the space.

  1. Impress your guests with a white dining table!

If you want your dining table to shine with your home decor, Yashil Furniture Group offers white and classic dining sets. White is always an eye-catcher, especially in today’s classic spaces. You may think it’s a poor choice when it comes to cleaning, but if you choose high-quality, easy-to-clean materials, you won’t regret your decision.

  1. If you rent, buy these tables!

If you live in a rental house, choose tables and chairs that are easy to move. The best is a multi-piece table with pieces that can be opened and closed. Considering the lightness and weight, choosing a material that is easy to transport is also a good idea.

  1. Don’t forget the comfort of the dining chair!

The chairs are also very important. You will indeed sit on these chairs for a short time when you want to eat, but this short time is very important, and you must provide enough comfort when you want to eat. A sofa chair provides comfort and can also be used as an additional sofa in the living room when you have guests over.

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