dining table height standard with a rectangular shape

How to choose the shape of the dining table with a rectangular shape. Choosing the right-shaped table with a standard height can be difficult. Rectangular tables generally dominate, but round and oval tables are also great options, depending on space and style preferences.

The dining room table is probably the most important in your home. It is the focal point of the kitchen. Alternatively, you can have a separate room dedicated to you.

It’s a place where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends, and now that your home is your office, it could be where you cook meals, have the kids do their homework, or work for yourself.

So what are the differences in the shape of the dining table? And which shape of the dining table is better, round or square? How to choose the right size dining table?

Whether you’re considering furniture and décor for a formal dining room or want a versatile kitchen table that works just as well for a weeknight meal as it does for dinner, check out our guide to table styles and sizes to find the perfect one.

Setting Choose a shape dining table for your needs. We will also talk about important things to consider when choosing the shape of your coffee table or side table.

What shape of dining table is better?

Rectangular and square tables

Rectangles are the most common shape for dining tables and a good reason. Since most rooms are rectangular, the lines of the rectangular table reflect the lines of the space itself, and the effect is smooth and cohesive.

A rectangular table accommodating many people is ideal if you often host many guests. They can be modern or traditional, and, given their length, they can also be quite narrow.

Even with a width of 70cm, the seating arrangement is sufficient, bringing you closer to the person in front of you and allowing you to carry on a conversation easier. Clean up.

However, a rectangular table can look awkward in a square room. Also, being too wide can seem too formal and impersonal. To avoid the boardroom feel, opt for a chair with a more casual design.

You can also avoid the old-school aesthetic by choosing a modern dining table with contrasting finishes and shapes. Another contemporary option is the Wastegate, which features a monochromatic color scheme, sharp angles, and sharp lines.

The Hamilton is a good option if you’re looking for a more understated silhouette. Unique metallic details on the base make it stand out. With straight lines and sharp curves, Grace makes a unique spin on the classic dining room silhouette. For something more understated and traditional, check out Walton or Hatter.

Like rectangular tables, square dining tables are a stylish and contemporary option for square rooms. It is also one of the best-shaped tables for small spaces. Some can be expanded as needed, making them versatile options.

A large square table can take up much space, and people on opposite sides may be too far apart for comfortable conversation. At the same time, a small square table feels too intimate.

Perfect if sitting at a long, small rectangular table feels uncomfortable. Another choice is to have two square tables that can be pushed together to create one large table if desired.

round or round table

Consider investing in a circular dining table for a more modern, cozy, and casual alternative to a rectangular one. Curves are all the rage now, and round tables are the perfect choice for solo dining. It is also suitable for breakfast, making it perfect for the kitchen table.

Round tables are great for parties because guests can talk to anyone, not just the person in front of them, and there’s no table header. A table with a diameter of 150 cm is required.

However, round tables are ideal for small meetings or when the number of guests is uneven. The smooth silhouette is easy on the eyes, and there are no sharp corners where kids can hit their heads.

However, if the room is very small and rectangular, a round table will not fit. Also, suppose it’s a particularly large table. In that case, you may need to invest in a Lazy Susan to make it easier to get to your plate.

An example of the beauty of the round table is the Decanter, part of our Wanderlust Collection. This wonderfully whimsical design will surely be the talk of your dinner party. Like the other tables in our collection, it is available in various colors and sizes.

A circular table doubles as a desk if you want something unconventional and unique. Traditional desks like the Mortimer and Tribeca are very stately. Still, you can imagine the eye-catching Spiraliser serving as a daytime workstation in a large, open-plan kitchen.

oval or oval table

The oval dining table strikes the perfect balance between rectangular and round. The length is suitable for large dinner parties, and the curved corners give the round table a smooth flow. An oval dining table looks especially good in a rectangular room. If you choose one with a pedestal, you can surround yourself with many people.

To see just how elegant an oval dining table can look, take a look at DAVIDSON’s bold and contemporary Empire Dining Table. Its slim top is beautifully complemented by the rich, warm sheen of its bronze finish. Or, there’s the luxurious, ultra-shiny Ovington in rich Macassar ebony. Especially dazzling when decorated with candles.

Add whimsy to a sleek, stylish, and modern home with the Howes Dining Table, the result of a collaboration with Taylor Howes featuring a continuous oval loop designed to reflect the theme of the passing of time.

What size is the dining table?

Tips for determining the proper size of your dining table:

Think about how many people usually sit around the table. And what are the measurements of the chair? This will help you determine how much space you need on each side of the table. You should give each person about 2 feet of space to avoid bumping elbows.

So you need 3 feet of extra space between the table and the wall on all sides. This leaves plenty of room for chairs and people to move around the table easily.

Use painter’s tape to block out the contours of the flooring to get an idea of ​​how it will work in the space. The sheets can also help you imagine what the table will look like.

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