dining table glass top round that come with standard chairs

Should the dining table and chairs match the glass top round?

If you’ve searched and finally found the dining table you’re looking for but find that it doesn’t come with standard chairs, you may be wondering if you can still use it. What if I can’t find matching chairs? Do the dining table, and chairs have to match?

The dining table and chairs do not have to match. Dining tables are often sold as a set with chairs, but this is for comfort and decoration. Nothing prevents you from choosing a chair that suits your style.

Read on to learn how to decide which chairs go best with your table, create an appealing aesthetic between matching chairs and tables, combine all the elements of your dining room, and more.

Why you don’t have to combine to look good

There are two main techniques for decoration. Pairing and coordination. The dining table and chairs don’t necessarily have to match, but if they don’t, they should coordinate.

With matching styles, well, everything matches. Exactly alike, like twins. It’s not hard to imagine what the “coincidence” would be like. But when it comes to coordinating designs, they don’t have to match. Finding common elements in your decorations will ultimately tie everything together in your final design.

For example, a dining table and chairs can be made from the same wood. That is the common denominator. The legs of the chair are painted white. The buffet is also white. This doesn’t match, but it’s reconciled. All these elements have something in common with something else in the room, so they look cohesive when put together.

Which shape you prefer is totally up to you. However, if the rest of your home focuses on matching styles, it’s usually best to continue. If your décor is more relaxed, coordinated styles work perfectly.

How do you combine the dining table and chairs?

There are practical and aesthetic considerations when combining chairs and dining tables. They include:

chair height

Choose a chair that can be placed under the table. If your chair has a low skirt, you don’t need a chair with high arms that hit the table.

Choose a chair of the right height that provides enough legroom when sitting. The seat of the chair should be about 12 inches lower than the bottom of the table. Read this: How high should the dining room table be?

Match similar traits

The same rules apply here for co-design. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the chairs, but look for what the table and chairs have in common. This creates a certain cohesion between them. Examples of coordinating elements include:

furniture time


wooden background

Furniture legs, feet, or other design elements such as table and chair backs.

How do you combine the chairs?

Mixing chairs instead of using identical sets increase visual interest. Here are some ways to experiment with this style:

Use one style as a side chair and one as a side chair.

An eclectic style that no chair can match.

Have a unique “captain” chair or have a different chair as a focal point. Other chairs are also suitable.

Again, even if you choose not to combine anything, you must ensure that the various elements fit together in harmony. Learn more about mixed dining room furniture here: Do Dining Chairs Have to Match? [Why not]

Should they combine the dining table and the buffet?

Of course, the dining table and buffet can be coordinated and matched, just like any other part of your dining room design. The most necessary question is how much you want any of these items to be your focus.

Anything that matches the other items in the room tends to blend in. They should not be combined if you want your table (or buffet) to have a strong, eye-catching appeal. Anything else! Use contrast instead of matching. The more unique an item is, the more it stands out against everything else. For example, if the buffet, chairs, and curtains are all black, and the table is white, the table is sure to turn heads.

Are our dining sets obsolete?

The dining room as a whole has evolved over the last century. The formal dining room was once a rigid place with well-planned dinner parties and structured rules. Over time, the dining room became a gathering place for entertainment and socializing and ceased to be a place for performances.

In modern times, the dining room has begun to go out of style. Some people have dining rooms and dining sets that they don’t use daily. They’re sitting around gathering dust, but we’re too busy to get together for a planned dinner every night.

But as people, we still enjoy entertainment. We like our spaces, guest rooms, and parties. We seem to care less about the structure and form of the stately dining room of the past. So while dining sets are still stylish, arguing that “formal” sets are not.

What color chair goes with the black table?

A black table goes well with any colored chair. But the real question is, what other colors already exist within you? The easiest way to decorate successfully is to always start with an established color palette. A general recommendation is to choose two dominant colors or the main color and an accent color.

If black is already part of the color pattern, is it the dominant (main) color or the accent color? If the table is the dominant color, you should choose another dominant or accent color. Pairing an accent color with a dominant color in a nearby spot, like a tabletop, often creates less noticeable results. If a black table is your accent color, you’ll be lucky to use one (or both!) of the dominant colors for your chairs.

Can I combine wooden furniture in different colors?

You can mix different colors in wooden furniture, but to get it right, you need to identify the shades of the wood. Wood comes in three shades: warm, cool, and neutral. In general, it’s best to keep the same tone in a room. So while you can mix colors, you don’t want to mix warm tones with cool tones of wood.

Warm tones are red, pink, yellow, or orange. Cherry, mahogany, or hickory are warm woods.

In summary

The dining room table and chairs don’t have to match. Decorating in a harmonious style can create a fluid and cohesive room, even if you don’t have anything to match.

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