dining table chair types which follow modernity and minimal style

With a new dining table chair type, you can easily spruce up your dining room which follow modernity and minimal style.

If you want a truly individual look, buy them separately from the table rather than buying a ready-made set.

Before you rush to your nearest furniture depot, there are a few things to consider.

Get the right size

First, measure your dining table and calculate the width of your chairs.

Leave space on both sides.

You don’t want your guests to be pushed around like sardines.

Don’t buy chairs less than 50cm wide, as they aren’t wide enough to sit comfortably.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the table.

Round or oval shapes can limit the space underneath, so make sure all chairs can be easily folded away when not in use.

60cm, please make sure about 75cm table top on a round table.

style decision

Choose the one that suits your dining table.

If possible, it is better not to mix different types of wood.

Also, the styles should stay fairly similar.

A contemporary glass table can look a bit odd when surrounded by shabby-chic painted chairs.

Think about comfort

Consider how often your dining chairs are used.

If you rarely have guests and usually eat in a separate room, you don’t need a particularly fancy design, but you should choose something comfortable to sit in for hours on end.

The padding provides comfort, creates a more luxurious look, and can introduce patterns, while the leather is durable and can be cleaned (although it can get sticky in the summer).

Even if you don’t use the dining room often, hard seating isn’t ideal and will get your diners moving quickly.

You don’t need to stretch your budget to incorporate cushions into your look, but you should consider the depth of the cushions.

The more money you spend, the more the number of springs will increase.

Investing in a particularly comfortable design with perhaps armrests means that the chair can be used as an additional seat in the living room if necessary.

You can even buy a hard chair and order a seat pad to really customize the look.

The Tion cushions have a very country feel, and the thick foam covered in modern fabrics is a contemporary style.

personal choice

There are some great deals on the internet, but if you can, I recommend going to a showroom and trying out dining chairs.

The only way to know exactly how comfortable and sturdy it is to sit on it yourself.

It also allows you to take a closer look at your upholstery and see how durable it is.

Comfort, style, and solidity

When buying a chair, most of us undoubtedly think about how it looks before thinking about how it will sit.

Combining comfort, durability, and quality with good looks in your dining room is a must.

Here’s how:

What style?

Whether you’re a big fan of modern or traditional seating, there are a few basic design rules to keep in mind.

For a formal dining room look, choose a high-back chair such as the Burson Dining Chair.

Remember that high-backed chairs also take up more space visually.

Low-back chairs are ideal for open spaces or small spaces that want to feel more spacious.

For a casual look, choose a chair with a low back like the Bojan chair.

For a traditional, rustic look, consider wooden or rattan chairs, like the Maya High Back Rattan Chair Set of 2, perfect for porch furniture.

Wood and metal chairs like the Brunel chair are suitable for industrial-style dining rooms, while molded plastic chairs look great in very contemporary rooms.

Consideration of comfort

When buying a dining chair, consider not only seating comfort but also for everyone who will use it for a long time.

To get it right, ask yourself the following questions:

Are the seat proportions correct?

Ideally, the seat itself must be at least 45-55cm wide, deep enough to comfortably support the thighs of the tallest person in your family, and 45-48cm tall.

Would you like a soft seat or a hard seat?

If you like a quiet meal, you’ll need a firm seat with a bit of flexibility, so consider padded or webbed seating options.

Do you have armrests?

If you tend to sit at the table for long periods of time, having an armrest would be nice.

If the dining room is small and you are in a rush to eat, skip the meal.

How will my back be supported?

What is comfortable for one person may not be the same for another, so it helps to know if you prefer a low-back dining chair or a high-back dining chair before buying.

Ideally, the backrest should follow the natural curve of your back.

How long will the chair last?

If you want your dining chairs to withstand years of wear, consider the following:

Is it easy to clean?

Most chairs may require special cleaning products, but even leather or faux leather should be durable and washable.

Can the cover be removed and washed?

If you are interested in a chair covered in fabric, a removable or removable cover is a practical solution, as it can be dry cleaned or put in the washing machine.

Check the quality of the foam used for the upholstered seats.

Low-density foam flattens over time, while a high-quality padded seat increases resilience and comfort.

Woven and webbed chairs can be subject to wear and tear if not made well.

A design that pays attention to how these materials are attached to the chair frame will last over time.

For wooden chairs, carefully inspect the joints.

All traditional wooden joints made by skilled craftsmen must be as strong as metal joints.

One of the advantages of wooden furniture is the color, grain, knots, burrs, etc.

You can get different variations.

Wood can change color over time, so be careful when buying.

To make sure the chair is well constructed, it should sit firmly on your feet and not rock or wobble.

Five important questions to always ask yourself:

Are the chairs the correct height for the table they are paired with?

If you’re selling them as a set, you might think so, but if you’re buying them separately, you’ll need to check the dimensions.

The height of a dining table is usually 75cm, but not all tables are the same, so find out beforehand.

Did you buy the right number of chairs?

If you have a small dining room and only use four chairs a day, buy two or more folding or stacking chairs and store them somewhere convenient.

This way, you can make the room as spacious as possible while still having enough seating for when you need it.

Does the chair come assembled, or do I have to assemble it at home?

Always ask questions before committing to a purchase.

How are the chairs sold?

Some chairs are sold as complete sets.

Some are sold in pairs, and some are sold individually.

Is there a guarantee?

Please check the warranty period of the chair you are about to purchase before purchasing.

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