Dining table bench seat Often considered the centerpiece at home

Often considered the centerpiece of the home, the dining room table and bench seat are where memories are made at. From lively holiday celebrations to family meals, the dining table is versatile and the focal point. During the lockdown, the dining table doubled as a desk and workstation for homeschooling.

Whether you’re planning a more formal dining room or a communal gathering place in your kitchen, finding the right table is a matter of size, shape, and personal taste. A dining table investment will last 5-10 years, so we’ve put together the following considerations to help you choose the right table.

Know the dimensions of the dining room

The look of your table is important, but even more important is how it fits into your area while providing plenty of seating and room for guests at the table.

Allow approximately 35 inches of clearance on each side of the table. In this space, you can pull out chairs or walk behind guests sitting at the table. Consider your existing furniture when measuring the area.

A dining table usually has two zones. A common area for storing dishes and condiments is usually in the center of the table, a cutlery area. The width required for a spot is usually determined by a person’s average shoulder width of 24 inches, and the depth required is usually determined by the average size of plates and glasses. With this in mind, the minimum dimensions for a rectangular table that seats six people are 78″ x 39″. The ideal dimensions for this table are 98″ x 55″, allowing for easy movement and plenty of space.

For added versatility, an extendable table provides additional seating when needed and keeps it compact when not in use.

dining table shape

We have a dining table that can meet various needs.

A circular dining table is perfect for small spaces. It fits in tight spaces and has no sharp corners to bump into. Round tables do not have corners, so more people can usually be seated. The pedestal table has more leg room, so you can accommodate more guests.

Rectangular tables work well in tight spaces and help in the extra space for traffic flow. Using a bench instead of a chair is a space-saving technique because the bench can be stored under the table when not used.

A square dining table provides an intimate feel as each guest is evenly spaced. If the room is square, the square table complements the shape of the surrounding room.

An oval dining table creates unique visual interest. It resembles a rectangular table but has rounded corners that give the impression of taking up less space. The curved lines help offset the angled lines of the existing interior elements of the room.

dining table materials

The dining table has become more diverse than just a dining surface. How you choose your dining table depends on what activity the table will encounter.

Natural hardwood tables are durable and come in various stains to match your current decor.

Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly option for long-lasting dining tables, with more landfills being added each year.

Glass is an ideal material to consider if you’re short on space and don’t want your room to be overwhelmed with bulky furniture. Thanks to the transparent nature of glass, it makes the space appear more spacious. The combination of glass and metallic colors reflects the light in the room and makes it look brighter.

dining table height

Traditionally, dining room tables were between 28 and 30 inches high. Due to space limitations, there has been a demand for space-saving furniture. The standard table height is always from the floor to the bottom of the counter. If you have thicker counters, you may need to consider a lower chair to accommodate this. Matching the chair’s height to the table is essential for ease of movement, allowing elbows and legs to move. Make sure you have enough space to mount the

Standard heights for dining and kitchen tables are 28 to 30 inches. The advantage of this height is that it is the most common and is available in a wide range of styles. These dining tables fit standard height seating. This height is ideal if the space will be used frequently by young children, the elderly, or the disabled.

Standard counter heights average 34 to 39 inches. A counter-height table can make your space look less crowded. This height is convenient for standing and can also be used as a cocktail table.

Standard bar heights are typically 40 to 43 inches. Bar-height tables are ideal for small, cramped spaces, such as modern apartments, where space is often limited. It offers an elegant and sophisticated style and is available in various formats to suit your unique tastes.

Find the right dining table with Home Zone Furniture

Each room in your house offers you a unique experience. The dining room offers an entertaining area, and the dining table is the home’s centerpiece. Our range of dining tables adds aesthetic benefits to your home while providing functionality. If you’re unsure how to choose a table for your dining room or need help, please contact us.


Pay special attention to the base when considering which table to buy. This is because it affects the number of people that can fit comfortably at the table. The three main table bases are trestles, legs, and plinths.

A pedestal table, like the Affinity Round with Leaf Dining Table, is usually the most comfortable because it doesn’t get in the way of your knees.

Of course, the chair also affects the comfort of the table, so when choosing which table to buy, test the chair underneath to make sure you can cross your legs without bumping into the bottom of the table.

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A place to reconnect and relax, the dining table will surely bring you joy for years to come. Our interior designers recommend choosing a table that is timeless, timeless, well-made, and comfortable. I encourage you to try the table in action. Visit any Charleston furniture store to see what’s in store. Once you have the table of your dreams, experiment with chairs, benches, or a combination to create the perfect gathering place.

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