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6 Expert Tips for Choosing Kitchen and Dining table Sets from Ashley Furniture

The kitchen and dining room set is an important part of everyday life as it is where loved ones gather to enjoy a hot meal. With so many styles to choose from, it can get confusing. Please, do not worry. Here are some expert factors to help you choose the perfect dining table for your home.

What is the best material for the dining table?

The type of material you choose for your kitchen and dining room set depends on factors such as your budget, the features you want for your table, and the style of your kitchen or dining room.

Do you like dark and woody design elements? => Opt for wood.

The most popular choice for dining tables is wood. It is adaptable and adapts well to different environments. Choose from hardwood, composite wood, and softwood. Hardwood is the strongest and most durable option, with hickory, cherry, and mahogany options. Expect hardwoods to pay more than other types of wood.

Do you have an elegant taste? => Have a glass.

A glass dining table adds a touch of modern elegance. An easy-to-clean dining table that adds sophistication to your dining table. If your home is crowded and little hands leave marks everywhere, you may not be able to enjoy the look this style of the table provides when it’s clean and shiny.

Does it complement an industrial or contemporary aesthetic? => Go metal.

Metal is a durable and strong dining table material. They provide a sleek, stain-resistant surface that looks great in modern and industrial homes.

Live in luxury? => Go to Marble.

A marble dining table provides a beautiful, easy-to-clean surface that creates a rich, luxurious feel in your dining room. This type of table fits perfectly in a modern and attractive environment where luxury elements are cleverly placed throughout the house.

Are you looking for a durable and versatile material? => Go to Laminate.

Laminate is a great material for various interior design styles and is very cost-effective. This material is strong and durable, so you can enjoy your laminate dining table for many years.

Looking for cheap materials? => go to composition.

Composite dining tables are extremely durable and super lightweight. Compared to other materials, this is a more cost-effective option. Composite dining tables are great because they can be made to look like other more expensive options, like wood.

Which dining table is best for small areas?

Oval table sets are similar to traditional rectangular tables but without sharp edges; this dining table style seems to take up less space. If you’re working in a small area or tight space, an oval table is a perfect shape to incorporate. If you need extra space when guests arrive, choose an oval dining table that extends further to increase seating capacity.

How to choose the shape of the dining table?


This standard option is ideal for creating room dividers in open-plan homes. Suppose your heart is set on the traditional aesthetic, and you have more space to work. In that case, a rectangular table is an obvious choice.


Square tables are in fashion and are perfect for square dining rooms. This style can take up quite a bit of space and can only accommodate four people. It is not the best option for those who want to be entertained a lot unless they opt for an expandable model.


Ideal for old environments, but it takes up much space. Rectangular dining table sets are the most popular choice, but round tables also have advantages. Round tables don’t have corners, so there’s plenty of room for family and guests to find their seats. This will improve the flow of your dining room. A round table can take up much space for a small dining room, but it makes the most of a limited area.


An oval table is invaluable in a narrow dining room. A practical option when you want to accommodate four or more people in a relatively small space.

Free form

Perfect for eclectic or artistic environments. Add much personality to your home. Live edge furniture, especially dining room tables, is a popular trend.

How to choose the size of the kitchen table?

A good rule of thumb is to make it bigger than you think it should be. Even if your family doesn’t use the dining table often, or you have a small family, the dining room is large enough to accommodate a large table. Therefore, you should choose your dining table based on the space available rather than what you think you will necessarily need.

Follow the factors below to choose the right size for your dining table.

Measure the length and width of your dining room.

Create a 3-foot gap on all sides.

These measurements will give you the maximum recommended dining table size for your space.

How to choose the style of the dining table?

Do you want to keep it simple? => The Shaker style is very functional.

If you want a dining table that is simple and functional with no frills, you’ll find that the Shaker style offers exactly that.

Do you love the unfinished look? => Trust the industrial style.

Think of industrial dining tables as heavy and sturdy. If you like wood, metal, and the recycled materials associated with construction, this style will beautifully complement your current decor.

Want to add a little rustic charm? => The farmhouse style is ideal.

An ultra-sturdy natural wood grain dining table that’s perfect for a country-style home.

Do you need a small table? => Pedestal style is for you.

This dining table style is supported by a single central pillar instead of four legs. Columns may have additional supports that extend close to the ground.

How to combine the chairs with the dining table?

If you’ve found the table of your dreams but don’t like chairs, or worse, they don’t come with chairs, don’t worry. Follow the points below to find the perfect combination to create the dining room set of your dreams.

The most significant thing is to ensure that the chair you choose is suitable for the height of your table. The most comfortable distance between the seat of the chair and the top of the table is 10 to 12 inches. It can be seen. that

If your new chair has armrests, ensure they fit snugly under the table. Otherwise, you risk damaging both the chair and the table.

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