dining table and chairs for 6 people in your dining room

Choosing the best table and chairs for 6 people

The dining room can have a great presence in your home. A place where friends and family gather. A place to serve special meals and create new memories. A place where everyone gathers regardless of the season.

In an open-concept home, the dining room can become the focal point of your living room and entertaining space. We love unique dining chair and table combinations and wanted to share some of our favorites in today’s blog. I thought! Selections, we have something for everyone and every space. Keep scrolling to find the perfect match, along with tips when shopping for a dining table and chairs!

So if you’re eager to reinvigorate your dining space and give this area some design love, now is the perfect time to start such a project!

Finding the perfect dining table isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. From functionality to charm, dining tables come in various shapes and materials. Therefore, choosing the right furniture depends on your real-life situation.

The same applies to choosing the right dining chair. Dining chairs are an integral part of any dining setting. Once you’ve found the dining table of your dreams, chairs can feel like an afterthought and a low priority. However, choosing the right seating can greatly impact the overall aesthetic of your dining room, which is why dining room chairs are an important part of the design.

We’ve created the ultimate guide to designing and choosing the perfect table and chairs for your new dining room.

The size is the first consideration when choosing a dining table and chair. The dining table and chairs complement each other, and neither should overwhelm the other. Consider dimensions when ordering online, especially when it comes to height. There should be enough space under the dining table for guests to sit comfortably in their chairs without tripping over the bottom of the table. When choosing padded or upholstered dining chairs, consider the height of the cushions.

Then consider the style and color/tone of the wood. We prefer matching but not matching dining tables and chairs for our project. For example, combine black wood chairs with a light wood table or upholstered chairs with a solid wood table. As for the style, try to keep the overall design style of the chairs and tables. If your table is more modern, choose equally modern chairs. If your chairs have mid-century lines, look for a table that reflects those elements.

To make things easy, we’ve rounded up eight interior designer-approved combinations for you to shop next! Let us begin!

Understand what you need

First, it is important to understand how the dining space will be used and the requirements the dining area must meet. Do you spend much time in the dining room with busy home life? Do you invest for rental purposes? Or are you just looking for comfort?

From a practical point of view, especially if you live in a family home, choosing a large rectangular table like the Kabira dining table with impressive organic chairs that fit comfortably under the table is ideal.

But if style and comfort are your top priorities, adding padded upholstery to your chairs may be preferable. Check out our black corduroy and sand velvet dining chairs to add a touch of class to your dining room. Add some extra flair! These chairs are timeless and offer your space’s ultimate luxurious beauty and comfort.

Understand what you want

This is where the exciting part begins, and you can start thinking about what style suits your personality.

Do you want a more traditional look where your dining chairs match the color and style of your dining table, or do you want to stray from the traditional and add a bit of contrast between your dining table and chairs?

You may want to keep a fresher look with a simple Nordic design. No matter what style you have in mind, it can be overwhelming, so it’s important to understand what kinds of styles you admire before delving into all of your options.

choosing the right dining table

Now that you know the importance of understanding what you want and need when creating the perfect dining space, it’s time to move on to the actual furniture selection.

rectangular dining table

It’s no surprise that the traditional rectangular dining table wins the popular vote. It is versatile, functional, and practical and can easily accommodate 6 to 12 people, depending on its size—the perfect table for meetings, Christmas, birthday parties, and other social events.

Our beautiful Suar Wood dining table offers your dining room the perfect combination of Scandinavian elegance and an atmospheric rustic look. Contoured edges add even more charm.

Differentiate between the main chair and side chair

With a variety of head and side chairs, they are perfect for large or formal dining areas with plenty of space. We recommend pairing the Black Suar Wood Dining Table with the Sungkai Dining Chairs on the sides. They are strong and durable chairs that offer a timeless look and strong identity for years to come.

Add style and charm to your space by adding the popular Teak Cane Chair as your main chair. Note that although both chairs have something in common, such as color, the difference in the actual shape gives the dining room a beautiful finish.

round table

Round tables take up little space and are easy to move, making them ideal for small rooms. A circular dining table looks just as elegant as a rectangular table. It can be outfitted with a single leg in the middle, allowing chairs to be arranged around the table to accommodate guests more comfortably.

Crafted from natural teak wood, the Summer Round Dining Table has not only a fresh design but also an ethnic touch to complement any space. This dining table can transform your space into a large area that brings people together.

We recommend combining a round dining table with round chairs. Our wishbone chair is the perfect chair offering elegance and comfort. Curved back legs bring a timeless look to any dining room.

To complete the look, we recommend one of our round jute rugs that bring out the natural tones and create an authentic feel in your space. These beautiful eco-friendly Indian rugs are made from natural fibers. Elegant atmosphere.

Finally, enjoy the process of choosing the perfect dining table and chairs. Remember that all spaces are different.

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