dining chair upholstered seat to match your room style

How to Choose the Right upholstered Multi-Purpose seat Dining Chair to match your room style

With work from home and remote learning becoming the new reality, the role of the modern dining room has become a multitasking space.

It’s the perfect time to buy an all-in-one dining chair for any occasion, whether it’s a store meal or a work-from-home setup., Please sit down.

Get the right numbers.

Proportion and scale are the keys to a comfortable home.

In this case, we are talking about height, legroom, and how many chairs can fit around the table.

The height of the dining table is usually about 76cm, so the chair’s height is about 43cm-48cm.

The size of the seats is also important so that everyone can enjoy their meal with complete peace of mind.

Most dining chairs are between 40 and 50 cm wide.

To keep a comfortable distance, it seems magical to leave at least 60cm of space between each chair from the middle of each chair.

What to remember next? length of your table.

It determines the width of the chairs and the number of chairs that can be accommodated comfortably.

As a general rule, we recommend four people for a round table, such as the round Theo dining table.

For rectangular tables, a 150 cm table can accommodate 4 to 6 people, and a 160 cm to 180 cm table can accommodate 6 to 8 people.

For groups of 10 or more people, a table of 210 cm or more is recommended.

Combine chairs and styles

Getting your numbers right is half the battle won.

When it comes to styling your dining room to match your decor, there are surefire formulas for nailing the look.

For a timeless and elegant dining room setup, we recommend embracing classic and timeless styles such as Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian design.

Organic design lines, tapered legs, and muted tones create a versatile design character that suits most interiors.

Not sure if these styles are right for your home? Check out Castlery’s new AR app here.

You can place, project, and rotate multiple furniture designs to see how they fit into your space.

Comfort is key

For a dining chair suitable for lounging for hours on end, the following key features increase comfort levels:

Ergonomic shape: A slightly rounded backrest that follows the natural curve of your back and a slightly hollowed seat or seat engraving for better support.

Plush Padding: Back and seat cushions provide comfort, especially during long Zoom sessions.

Armrests: This is a nice feature if you want to rest your arms after a long desk job.

If space is an issue, place a chair or two with armrests at either end of a long table.

Sturdy frame: Choose a strong, well-made frame that is durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Castlery focuses on superior craftsmanship, quality, and proper woodworking techniques to provide a stable piece built to last.

dining chair width

The chair’s width should be adjusted to the length of the table.

Please measure the distance between the table legs before purchasing the chair.

Note that the chair’s seat must be different from the length of the table top (it can be several tens of centimeters lower than the height of the table).

Be careful not to overcrowd your chairs, as the lack of space can make mealtimes uncomfortable.

The legs of the dining room table should be at least 30 cm wider than the width of the two chairs placed side by side.

People sitting at the table need about 60 cm of table space.

a dining chair to table height

Seats and chair heights are usually standard sizes, but ensure the dimensions are correct before purchasing the furniture.

The distance between the seat and the top of the chair should be about 30 cm from the floor and about 45 cm from the floor.

Learn about standard dining table sizes and heights and choose the right chairs for your dining table.

If the chair has armrests, check whether it can slide freely under the table (the table may have reinforcements in the form of horizontal beams, which may not be possible).

Other Standard Chair Tips

Besides the height and width of the dining chair, there are other dining chair dimensions to consider.


Make sure the backrest is not too high.

How to choose a dining chair? A table surrounded by such chairs looks rather heavy and visually narrows the room.

The best solution is a chair whose back protrudes about 20 cm from the tabletop.

Height from the floor of the chair seat

For people sitting at the table to feel comfortable, the seat should be about 40-49 cm above the floor.

Any more than that, a normal person’s leg will hang down.

At this point, you are looking at the status of the flight.

If the chair’s seat is less than 40cm from the floor, many guests will have their legs spread wide apart when seated.

Aesthetic and Storage Considerations

Beyond all forms of practical height considerations, it’s important to consider aesthetics and storage.

Depending on your taste, there are many different styles and colors to choose from, so it’s hard to set rigid rules.

Despite this, it should be ensured that the table and chairs are of the same style.

Combine, for example, a lofting table with an industrial chair.

Look for connections between furniture (wooden elements, metal finishes, etc.) and pay attention to similar shapes and features to match the walls and design of your dining room.

Upholstery or not?

Upholstered dining chairs provide long-lasting comfort but can be difficult to maintain if children or pets are in the picture.

An unpadded chair is a safe bet, but keeping a fabric care kit handy allows parents and foot renters alike to enjoy a padded chair.

Treats most stains and spills in seconds.

Another benefit of an upholstered chair is that it has shape and elegance and can easily be repurposed as a home office chair or vanity chair.

Play your seat options

Besides regular dining chairs, benches and bar stools can bring extra distance to your dining room and different parts of your home.

For example, when not used at the dining table, the multifunctional bench can be used as a room divider, patio seat, overbed bench, and entryway seat.

And now that eat-in kitchens are ubiquitous, bar stools dot the island counter to transform it into a casual and cozy breakfast nook.

With this timely and practical guide to choosing dining chairs, you can explore ways to use your dining room more efficiently.

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