dining chair tufted set of 8 for big families 

How to choose tufted dining chair set of 8 for your home and big families

From long, lazy Sunday breakfasts to long dinners, the dining table is the main place in the home for socializing and where family and friends gather.

Traditionally, dining tables and chairs were purchased together.

But today’s market is open to endless style combinations.

Mix and match are much more interesting than traditional matching sets but require more thought and thought to put together.

So, before rushing into the purchase, it is important to consider the following when choosing dining chairs for your home.


It is essential that the chairs in the dining room fit comfortably around the table.

I need to measure the height and the width.

The average chair should have about 6 inches of space on each side so diners can move around freely in the chair.

The limited space around the dining table can make guests feel cramped.

Narrower chairs tend to be less comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, while wider chairs fit less around the table.

There should be enough space behind dining chairs for guests to freely push the seats back without bumping into other furniture or walls.

Finding the right balance between size and beauty is key to an enjoyable dining experience.

array size

Round or square tables are generally suitable for 4, 6, or 8 guests, while rectangular or oval tables are suitable for 6, 8, or 10 guests.

measuring tips

Always measure the widest part of the chair

Anything narrower than 17 inches is not comfortable for long periods of time.

Most tables are 30 inches or more.

The average dining chair height is 18 inches, and the average width is 22 inches.

Allow about 12 inches between the seat of the chair and the top of the table

Leave at least 38 inches of space between chairs and other walls or furniture

Chairs with armrests require more space

style and design

Once you’ve established the approximate dimensions of the chair you need, you’re ready to choose the style and design.

There should be common design elements that tie chairs and tables together, such as furniture materials, shapes, and lines.

For example, a traditional polished hardwood table is no match for a state-of-the-art plastic chair. Also, mixing different types of raw wood usually doesn’t work.

That said, there are plenty of successful combinations made, especially when it comes to upholstered dining chairs, which come in endless color combinations and prints.

Dining chairs help shape the style and mood of your home decor, whether the look you’re trying to achieve is a traditional rustic look or clean, modern lines.

Did you know?

An anthropometric measurement (measurement of the human body) called “popliteal buttock length” is used to determine seat depth.

It’s basically the horizontal length from the back of your buttocks to the back of your lower leg.

For this reason, the depth of mass-produced chairs, such as in schools and public places, is usually 38-43 cm.

However, many dining chairs go further than this to provide more support and comfort.

The optimal seat height for dining chairs is 26cm to 30cm between the seat and the top of the dining table.

With a floor-to-chair-top height of 46cm to 51cm, it fits well under a standard-height table and offers plenty of leg room.

Remember that a chair with sufficient padding may have a higher overall seat height.

So it is necessary to reserve space for the cushion to be compressed.

Some dining chairs, such as the Ida, Delta, and Finn dining chairs, are wider at the bottom, requiring more room around the table.

We recommend that you check your measurements.

If you don’t have measurements, please contact us.

Knowing the size before delivery takes the worry out of knowing if the item will actually fit your space.

How to Choose a Dining Chair Style

With so many styles available, get really creative when choosing your own stylish seat.

But you can focus your ideas and narrow your search by asking yourself these four questions:

How often do you use your dining chairs? – If your dining room is the social center of your home and you use your chairs every day, you need materials that are durable and easy to clean.

And maintenance of equipment is always an important consideration.

How long have you been sitting in your chair? – This will help you choose the shape and support of your chair.

If you’re looking for extra comfort during your after-dinner conversation, dining chairs with padded seats, high backs, or armrests offer plenty of support when you sit down.

How much is the budget? – Your budget is probably one of the biggest deciding factors, so it’s best to have a rough idea of ​​how much you want to spend on dining chair seats.

However, this makes the price slightly higher.

If material is out of your price range, there are always alternative options available.

Synthetic leather, for example, allows you to create the style and look you want without breaking your budget.

How much space do you have? – If you have an elongated dining table that doesn’t always need extra seating, or you’re a bit short on space, consider adding stackable dining chairs so you can stack and store extra chairs.

Consider using when not in use.

high back dining chair

Create a more formal and traditional dining experience

Ideal for large spaces where a small chair would be swallowed up by the space

takes up more space visually

low back dining chair

Provide casual and relaxed dining

suitable for small spaces

Recommended for families with young children


Chairs with armrests are ultimately more comfortable, but the downside is that they take up more space.


Consider how much you and your guests will be using your dining chairs.

If you have room, choosing a covering with armrests will inevitably make them more comfortable.

Various material options


synthetic blend

oldest boy



crushed velvet





The materials you choose and whether or not you choose upholstered dining chairs will depend on your personal style, preferences, and lifestyle preferences.

Wooden chairs give a more rustic feel. Rattan for a more tropical look.

Upholstered chairs speak of comfort and luxury, and depending on the color and pattern, and they can offer everything from a classic, traditional look to a modern, contemporary look with bright, bold patterns.

Most upholstered dining chairs come with wooden legs in a variety of finishes.

It is also worth considering when choosing your dining chair combination.

Metal and plastic chairs are often modern and minimalist and work well in urban dining rooms where space is at a premium.


Portability is an important factor.

A heavy, bulky chair can be comfortable to sit on, but getting to and from the dining room table can be difficult, especially for children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

High-back chairs with solid padded backs are not as easy to grab and move, while slat-back chairs are generally easier to maneuver.


what kind of family do you live in? Furniture in homes occupied with young children and pets will experience more wear and tear, so bright colors and delicate patterns are not appropriate.

Instead, choose dark colors and patterns to hide stains on materials that can be wiped off or easily cleaned.


Is the chair sturdy? Regardless of the price, the chair should be stable and not wobble.

A sturdy chair will last a long time.

A quality chair must be properly, not manufactured, using only the finest materials.

Look under the chair to see how well the chair is built, considering the joints and fixings.

Fabric upholstery is stain, pilling, and fade resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and of course, it should be flame retardant.

Every good quality chair should come with a warranty.

If you need help choosing a dining chair or need design advice, contact The Chair People.

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