dining chair seat height which is considered as standard one

How to Choose the Right Seat Height for a Dining Chair which is considered the standard one

Decorating your dining room is about more than creating a space that looks great.

It’s the excitement of bringing loved ones home to share a meal.

And with all the amazing, decorative, and fun images you see in design magazines and Pinterest, you can create a personalized backdrop that not only celebrates your individuality but also creates beautiful memories around your table.

Whether your dining room consists of a casual kitchen area or a formal dining room reserved primarily for special occasions, choose the right height and style for your dining chairs.

This guide will help you choose the right chair dining set perfect for any dining space.

Why choosing the right dining chair height is important…

First of all, why is the height of dining chairs so important? Perhaps most importantly, chairs at the correct height are important so that you can feel comfortable when sitting at the dining table.

We’ve all sat in seats that are either too high or too low for the surface we’re eating on.

Also, if you have multiple chairs around the table, you’ll want to create an environment where conversation naturally develops.

Seat height and chair size are important considerations in keeping the conversation flowing.

Finally, you probably want your dining room to look good.

Seat height plays an important role in ensuring the furniture in your space is proportionately pleasing to the eye.

What is the standard height of dining chairs?

Dining chairs have two main dimensions: seat height and back height.

To understand the guidelines, it helps to think about standard dining table heights.

The two are directly linked to each other as part of the dining set.

A standard table top measures approximately 30 inches.

As a rule of thumb for interior decorating, the standard height of a chair seat (the top of the seat you’re sitting on) is around 18 inches.

This seat height leaves about a foot of space between your body and the table.

As for chair backs, the standard height is 32 to 34 inches, but back heights vary more than seat heights.

Are all dining chairs the same height?

Most dining chairs have about the same seat height (18 inches), but the back height varies widely, and it’s what really defines the look of your dining room.

If you want a modern, minimalist look, low-back dining chairs (same height as the table) will do the trick.

For a more traditional look, choose dining chairs that have a back slightly higher than the table (32 inches or slightly higher).

For a striking impression, choose dining chairs with high backs (34 inches or more).

How tall should dining chairs be?

These dimensions can help you get an idea of ​​where to start, but the height of a dining chair depends on the height of the person sitting on it.

Not everyone needs 12 inches of space between their seats and the dining room table, and some need more.

For example, younger children are smaller and may need a slightly smaller gap between the top of the seat and the top of the table.

How many dining chairs do you need?

The number of chairs needed depends on the size of the chairs and the size of the table.

As a general rule, allow at least 2 feet of space for each dining chair.

When entertaining in a pinch, you can certainly cheat on this rule by going for a more comfortable setup.

In this case, a few extra chairs in the wing can be useful.

With that in mind, the length of your table will determine how many chairs you need.

Get all the answers you need with this handy table size guide. Start from zero? Start with the table.

Once you know the size of the table you are committing to, you will know how many chairs to order.

What style of dining chair should you choose?

Chairs tend to be a prominent piece of dining furniture in any dining space.

Your chair is an opportunity to infuse your space with color and pattern and define your sense of style.

There are several different style elements to keep in mind.

Upholstered or Wood/Metal: Style-wise, upholstered dining chairs are great because they can be styled differently.

For example, the silhouette of this upholstered chair [LINK] is a chameleon and, depending on the choice of bespoke fabrics, can be adapted to any style of table or room.

In terms of style, it is also important to think about comfort.

In this regard, nothing beats an upholstered chair.

Fabric: When choosing your upholstery, there are several different fabric options, from linen to velvet to patterned printed cotton.

Better yet, if you love your upholstery but are worried about stains, choose a performance fabric (try linen or performance velor) for easy dirt removal and stain handling.

Armchairs and chairs without armrests: A common idea when comparing armchairs and side chairs (chairs without armrests) is that armchairs look good on both heads of a table, and chairs without armrests (also called accent chairs) are not beautiful.

Fantastic…er…flanks! With all the chairs in place, the space looks more like a conference room than a dining room.

Colors and Patterns: This is where the real fun comes in.

If you love the pattern but don’t have the budget to cover the living room walls or couch, dining chairs are the way to go.

We also like to mix different materials, so if your dining table is a very rich wood, a soft fabric (like Moss Velvet [link]) will make it look very soft.

What if the dining room was the kitchen counter?

If you don’t have a separate dining space (hello, studio apartment living room!), you can turn your kitchen counter into a great alternative to a formal dining nook.

You are not in the market for dining chairs but instead are considering bar stools or counter height stools.

There are many options, from backless stools to swivel stools, but you have to keep in mind that there is one main hard rule like before!).

The terms “bar height” and “counter height” are two very different things.

If you are using a counter height table, this will be 36 inches.

In this case, you should search specifically for “counter height chairs” or “counter height dining stools.”

On the other hand, bar height tables are 40 to 42 inches tall, so search for “bar height stools.”

Swapping the two speeds up uncomfortable mealtime!

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