dining chair rattan back for garden and home on sale

Our rattan back dining chair on sale is suitable for different uses like the garden and home and adapts to different dining styles.

Whether you prefer to sit back and relax in a casual dining lounge chair, provide ample support for long dinners, or prefer the best of both worlds, the rattan chair is ready for any occasion.

See all options below.

Why rattan?

First of all, why choose rattan dining chairs? Not only do they come in a variety of styles, colors, and rattan materials to suit every garden, but they are also extremely comfortable and completely weatherproof.

Our rattan chairs are made with an extremely durable and rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frame and HDPE synthetic rattan, which holds up well in humid UK climates.

All rattan dining chairs come with padded cushions.

Some have both seat and back cushions, while others only have seat cushions.

This provides extra padding and comfort for those long afternoons outdoors.

The cushion itself is stain and shower-resistant but not completely weatherproof, so store it indoors when not in use.

standard dining chair

Standard dining chairs include the Amelia chair from the Classic collection and the Camilla chair from the Heritage collection.

These chairs are a small, space-saving option that combines a low back with a slight recline and soft armrests.

These chairs strike a balance between traditional dining chairs and lounge chairs.

traditional dining chairs

Our traditional dining chairs include the Siena Series from the Classic Collection and the Thalia Series from the Heritage Collection.

These chairs have a high back that allows you to sit up straight, are very supportive, are great for your posture, and allow you to spend a lot of time eating out without suffering from back pain.

Yes, both include padded seats and back cushions to help you. You sink into your chair for more comfort.

dining chairs

The dining chairs are the Olivia chair from the classic collection and the LeeAnna chair from the Heritage series.

These chairs are much lower to the ground, making them less formal and more relaxed, perfect for outdoor snacks and drinks.

These chairs also feature an angled and curved back.

Equipped with armrests, it is comfortable and easy to sink straight from the start.

These chairs are perfect for those who prefer to organize an informal barbecue in their living room.

reclining dining chair

Reclining dining chairs are available in the Luxley Series from the Classic Collection and the Carolina Series from the Heritage Collection.

These dining chairs have the best of both worlds.

When upright, it offers a formal dining look with a high back that provides ample support.

But when you lie down, it transforms into a casual lounge chair where you can spend hours relaxing in comfort with a glass of wine in hand and a snack at the table.

The chair reclines in increments using a hydraulic pump, providing multiple recline angles to suit your preference.

how to choose

Before choosing rattan dining chairs, it is a good idea to think about how you will use your garden.

If you want to host a formal garden party with a set meal, our traditional dining chairs provide the perfect amount of comfort and support.

If you prefer to spend your time drinking, chatting, and eating snacks, our dining chairs provide the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

If you like the best of both worlds, the standard or the recliner offers the best quality to enjoy your outdoor experience.

I hope the photos in the item clearly show the difference between these chairs.

Alternatively, we recommend that you visit one of our showrooms, sit on each chair and test it out for yourself.

Our team of experts has put together the following tips for choosing the dining chair that best suits your needs.

  1. Choose the right dimensions

In most cases, especially if you plan to host a dinner party in the future, we recommend choosing dining chairs with a width greater than 43cm to ensure comfort behind.

Ideally, opt for dining chairs that are around 55 centimeters wide, but if you choose one with armrests, don’t be afraid to opt for a slightly wider design.

Try to find a seat 40-45cm high and about 30cm above the table.

Choosing the right size is important not only to ensure comfort but also to ensure that dining chairs are not overshadowed by the dimensions of the table or room.

  1. Always think about the shape and design of the chair

Choose a seat shape that suits your table.

In general, round chairs do not go well with square or rectangular tables, but dining chairs with rectangular or square seats go well with any table shape.

If you choose dining chairs with a safe design, choose clean lines and classic shapes.

An example is the Scoop Back Linen Dining Chair.

If your dining table comes with curved legs or ornate designs, opting for dining chairs with curved convertible legs is the perfect way to tie all the designs together.

A sophisticated French-style button-up dining chair that coordinates perfectly.

  1. Function and style

Note that dining chairs can also be used in other rooms of the house.

A smart decision, both in terms of design and portability, is to choose a dining chair that also works in other places.

It can be used as a temporary chair in the bedroom, study, hallway, or corner of the living room.

A dining chair like the Rattan Back Linen Dining Chair is beautiful both as a standalone accent chair and as a dining chair.

  1. Use your padding wisely

If you have children or pets, you should choose dining chairs that are easy to clean and hard-wearing.

An even better idea.

Or choose a French bistro-style dining chair like the convenient and comfortable Oak Cross Back Dining Chair.

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