counter stools with backs swivel that suit your kitchen

The main question that you may face with is how to choose the right swivel backs counter kitchen stools that suit your style.

There are many things to consider when choosing counters and stools.

Homeowners fret over it on kitchen forums.

Even professional designers can get things wrong sometimes, as my husband and I experienced in high-end hotel bars. The truth is that countertops and stools are not as standardized as dining tables and chairs.

In this post, we will discuss some mistakes to avoid when choosing kitchen counter stools.

too high or too low;


not suitable for children;

The back of the swivel stool hits the edge of the counter.

You buy too much or too little. When

The stools do not work in the decoration of the room.

Oh, and be sure to grab our guilt-free guide to choosing counter stools at the end of this post, which includes a worksheet to help you measure and plan your counter seating.

Mistake #1: Counter Stools Too High or Too Low

This is one of the most common mistakes when choosing a flight.

Either the stool is too low, or you end up feeling like Goldilocks sitting on the counter too high.

Or your stool is too high, and you don’t have room to cross your legs under the counter.

Why is this happening?

Bar stools do not match standard counters (36 inches).

Counter stools do not match the bar height counter (42 inches).

The height of the stool is not standard. Also

Counter height is not standard.

This mismatch is easily preventable.

When choosing a counter stool, measure the height of your counter.

As a general rule, the seat of the stool should be 12 inches below the bottom of the counter.

The product name is misleading.

Don’t assume that “counter stools” or “bar stools” fit standard counters or home bars.

Please measure or check product dimensions online to confirm your seat height before purchasing.

Also, keep in mind that if the seat cushion is soft, the seat height will be low.

Matching non-standard counter heights to stools is a common challenge.

Our kitchen has a 39-inch island to accommodate my husband.

The simplest solution is:

Choose an adjustable stool that fits the appropriate seat height range, or

Buy a stool taller than you need and cut the legs to size.

I chose an adjustable stool inspired by a 1940s draftsman’s chair.

They are perfectly adjusted for taller than standard islands.

Mistake #2: Counter stools are uncomfortable

You’d be surprised how many people regret buying uncomfortable flights.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at the counter for a five-minute cup of coffee? Perched there while you opened your email? If so, comfort is very important. Maybe not.

But imagine your child doing homework on the kitchen island.

Or are your guests entertained with cocktails and appetizers while you finish dinner? To sit longer and longer, comfort should be your priority.

padding and upholstery

Choose a stool with a lightly padded seat and back for added comfort.

Especially if some family members or guests have less “built-in padding.” Some options:

Opt for cushions and upholstered stools.

If spills are a problem, consider a material that can be cleaned, such as Crypton fabric, leather, or vinyl (also known as “vegan leather”).

Add a removable seat pad. Many are washable and can be replaced if necessary.

Also, keep in mind that the fabric will be more comfortable in hot, sticky, or cold rooms.


Unless the counter has a built-in footrest, we recommend choosing a stool with a footrest.

For an example of a built-in (copper!) footstool, see the Fayukaville photo.

Unlike dining chairs, most people can’t put their feet on the floor when sitting on a counter stool.

People tend to feel anxious when their feet dangle, so footrests are provided for added comfort.

stool back

Backless stools have their merits.

It’s perfect for a minimalist look and fits perfectly under countertops.

However, if comfort is your priority, you want a stool with a back.

To rest relaxed, the backless stool is not enough.

sheet size

There is no smart way to say this. The seat should match your butt. For most adults, a wider and deeper seat is more comfortable. However, this has the following restrictions:

If the countertop has a shallow overhang, your knees will knock down if the seat is too deep.

Seats that are too deep can cause stools to extend too far back from the edge of the counter, especially if there is an aisle. When

If the countertop is narrow, fewer wide stools will fit in that space.

to turn

The swivel is a feature that enhances comfort and allows you to move around a bit while sitting casually.

Some inconvenience:

A swivel stool takes up more width along a small countertop,

See bug #4 below.

Mistake #3: Counter stools are not kid friendly

You’re unloading the dishwasher or chopping vegetables.

Your children are eating breakfast or doing homework on the kitchen island.

For a family kitchen, choosing the right seats for children is key.

seat with backrest

Children generally do better on stools with backs.

Having a backrest seems to provide some footing, especially for toddlers who are on the go. but,

mistake 4


In my experience, children tend to sit longer when the seat is comfortably padded.

As adults, we tend to forget that children often have less padding on their backs.

If your goal is to get your kids to do their homework or eat enough, provide recommended pads.

Of course, kids often mean messes and spills.

Some of the more kid-friendly upholstery options include:

CRYPT ONE FABRIC: We’ve seen this stain-resistant fabric hold up very well to 16-year-old dining chairs used by all ages in common spaces.

dark and/or patterned fabrics;

Leather with a washable finish.

vinyl (also called “vegan leather”);

Added removable seat pad.

to turn

Most children love to sit on swivel stools. But beware of error #4 below.

4: The back of the swivel stool hits the edge of the counter

Restless people sitting at the counter? In that case, you may want to rethink the combination of stone countertops and hardtop swivel stools.

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