counter stools with backs set of 4 for dining room

Should I choose counter stools with backs set of 4?

counter stools are a perfect addition for any kitchen or dining room.

Perfect for a casual dinner at the kitchen island or a formal gathering at the bar. The hard part is understanding the logistics.

What style should I buy? What size bar stool should I buy? From height to quantity to pattern, there are several factors to consider before making a decision.

So we are here to help.

Below are some bar stool basics to help you find the perfect one for your home.

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What is the height of the bar stools?

There is a simple calculation that will help you determine the height of your bar stool.

Start by sizing the distance between the floor and the top of the table.

Then subtract 9 to 11 inches from this number.

This will give you the height of the bar stool (from the floor to the top of the bar stool seat).

You can also check if the height of the counter corresponds to one of the three normal heights.

In that case, choosing the right height for your bar stool is easy (listed below).

Note: There are also adjustable bar stools that can be raised or lowered to meet specific height requirements.

Being of average height, you should see bar stools between 29 and 32 inches.

For this reason, most are sold at this height, but in some cases, other heights are available as needed.

In fact, whatever size of bar stool you want to buy for your home depends entirely on your personal preferences and the size of the table or counter you have, as it may feel too big or too small for you. This means that you will have to find another size.

I recommend trying different sizes and coming to this conclusion.

Remember that everyone has an opinion.

That’s why we have our own ideas to determine and choose the best for you and your home.

low stools

16 to 23 inches from the floor to the seat of the stool

28 to 33 inches from the floor to the top of the counter

high bar stool

24 to 27 inches from the floor to the seat of the stool

35-39 inches from floor to countertop

bar height bar stools

28 to 33 inches from the floor to the seat of the stool

41 to 43 inches from the floor to the top of the counter

extra height bar stools

34-40 inches from the floor to the seat of the stool

44 to 47 inches from the floor to the top of the counter

How many types of bar stools are there on the market?

Full-back bar stool (bar stool with back)

The full-back bar stool is perfect for short breaks and family, and guest stays.

Its support provides excellent comfort during long days.

However, these classic stools use more visual space than modern stools, so they may not be suitable for every small kitchen.

Low Back Bar Stool (Low Back Bar Stool)

Low-back counter stools are a good compromise between traditional high-back and backless bar stools.

Provides minimal support without taking up too much visual space or body in the room.

It also feels a bit more modern than the usual full-back bar stools.

Backless bar stools (backless bar stools)

The backless bar stool is perfect for modern kitchens and small breakfast areas.

Tuck it under the table to free up extra space in a small space, perfect for a quick meal or breakfast.

bar stool with armrests

Bar stools with armrests are perfect for bars of all sizes.

They provide extra support and are ideal for sitting on while watching the game or spending time at the bar.

The only problem is that the extra handles require extra width above the stool.

That is all.

So make sure your counter is long and adequet for this type of stool.

armless bar stool

On the other hand, armless bar stools take up less space and can be placed more to the side of the table.

It is also ideal for short meals and meetings.

high swivel stool

Swivel counter stools are another great option for your bar, counter, or table.

The good thing about this type of stool is that you don’t have to take it off the counter.

You can exit the space simply by turning.

This is especially good for small spaces that can’t tolerate 6 inches between each bar stool.

Swivel bar stools are a great option for counters and tables.

The advantage of this type of stool is that it does not have to be removed from the table.

You can only turn to get out of the space.

This is especially suitable for small spaces that don’t allow a full six inches between each stool.

How do you space the bar stools?

Bar stools are usually between 16 and 18 inches wide.

For the comfort of you and your guests, allow 6 inches between the stools and each side of each stool.

There are bar stools over 18 inches. If so, put 8 inches (and both sides) between the stools on each side.

Note: Bar stools with armrests also require 8 inches of clearance.

Here are the steps to measure the space between stools:

First, bar stools should be between 16 and 18 inches wide.

Then leave 6-8 inches of space between each stool of this size.

Third, keep 6 inches from the edge of the counter to the edge of the bar stool.

How many bar stools should I buy?

You can easily figure out how many bar stools you need by measuring the length of your counter and dividing that number by 30.

This takes into account not only the width of the bar stools but also the space required to accommodate the maximum number of stools in the bar.

Note: The most common packages are usually a set of 2 bar stools or a set of 4 bar stools.

Where can I buy bar stools?

If you’re looking to buy bar stools for your own use, we recommend checking out Amazon, Wayfair, Katdans, and more. Bar stools are available in a wide variety of heights, styles, colors, and more.

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