bench for living room with storage to Keep clutter under control

The perfect bench with storage for every room in the house even living room.

Instant home organization? to Keep clutter under control and sit back and relax with these amazing storage benches.

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A storage bench makes life easier. Place it by your front door for a convenient place to tie your shoes or slip on your coat. Place it in your living room or family room for extra seating while keeping pillows and blankets within reach. What if the nursery or playroom was always messy? Storage benches help reduce cleanup time. (And restore the tranquility of the parents).

A storage bench is the ultimate cure-all when it comes to clutter. We find the perfect one for every room in the house. Scroll through your favorite creations and enjoy organizing them in no time.

best entry bank

Lucy storage bench with shoe rack

Tired of tripping over shoes? we totally get it. Slide ballet flats, worn-out sneakers and muddy work boots casually with this nifty storage bench. This piece really makes an affect  with its mango wood frame, padded seat cushions, and built-in shoe rack. If it were up to us, we completed the space with a few coat hooks.

Mid-Century Quilted Storage Bench

Create a stylish storage area for keys, mail, coats and more with this mid-century storage bench. The piece is made from sustainably sourced wood and finished in a rich acorn tone with two smooth-moving drawers and fabric cushions. There’s also ample room for shoe storage underneath thanks to the raised frame and tapered legs.

Aubrey All-in-One Storage Bench

Create the functional entryway of your dreams with this attractive all-in-one storage bench. This unit has a drawer for mail, two adjustable cabinets for hats and other accessories, and a large drop-front cabinet for shoes and boots. The batten siding and baseboard base package, on the other hand, are gorgeously textured.

best hallway storage bench

Folsom Storage Bench with Drawers

Keep your hallway clean (and encourage your family to do the same) with this contemporary storage bench. This piece has a spacious flat top and two flip-down front drawers for hats, coats, boots, board games, straps and more. You can also choose between pine or charcoal dessert.

best living room storage bench

Arthur Tufted Storage Bench

Create a window seat anywhere in your home with this tufted storage bench and a few cushions. This piece is available in three retro colors (read: dusty blue, charcoal gray, and spice orange) and rests on tapered legs for a mid-century modern aesthetic. But the best part is that you can store extra blankets and books inside.

Tufted Storage Bench with Removable Lid

Does the clutter in your living room drive you crazy? Keep remote controls, magazines and toys out of sight with this padded storage bench. The box is wrapped in a woven polyester fabric, making it soft and easy to clean. (In case the kids or pets get a little noisy.) When you’re done cleaning, you can slide off the lid and lift the feet.

Telephorus storage bench with pillow

Pro Tip: If you want a storage bench that doubles as a guest seat, look for one with high sides or rounded arms. These features replicate the appearance of the chair, inviting visitors to relax. This elegant chaise longue checks all the boxes with its high sides, bolster cushions, and tapered herringbone legs.

Souther Upholstered Storage Bench

FAIR WARNING: Your family and friends will flock to this comfortable upholstered storage bench. With poly-blend cushions and loose arms, this piece can easily be used as a chaise longue or lounger, similar to a bed sheet. However, a closer look at the front reveals cloth handles, a flip-top lid, and storage compartments for extra pillows and blankets.

best kitchen storage bench

cottage corner storage bench

You can add secret storage to your breakfast nook thanks to this corner bench. The L-shaped unit slides flush with the wall, creating space for about four people. Meanwhile, a deep compartment with built-in handles provides another place to store placemats, linens, and seasonal decorations.

pet food storage bench

Hide pet food from curious noses and mischievous paws with this industrial storage locker. The unit is made of wood and steel composite and has 3 deep drawers for storing kibble, treats, toys and more. If it were up to us, we’d definitely put pet-safe plants at the top.

best bedroom storage bench

berlin bedroom storage bench

When you’re ready for bed, tuck a lumbar pillow and Euro slipcover into this stylish storage bench. Handcrafted from kiln-dried oak, this piece features tufted seats and generous open shelving. Which is the best? You can choose fabric finishes and colors to ensure the storage bench perfectly complements your design.

Caden Brown Leather Storage Bench

Make your bedroom cozy and create a stylish place to change clothes with this brown leather storage bench. Buttery-smooth upholstery, antique bronze nail trims, and natural pine legs add warmth to your space. At the same time, a sturdy bench and slatted shelf hold pajamas, slippers and other nighttime essentials.

crushed velvet storage bench

If you’re lucky enough to have a large walk-in closet, why not add a luxurious multipurpose seat? This crushed velvet bench looks great when focused on your space and can be used for workouts More room for equipment etc. Plus, the gold legs add a touch of sparkle to the suite.

best bathroom storage bench

reclaimed wood storage bench

Keeping fluffy towels, loofahs, and candles within easy reach of the tub will make you feel incredibly luxurious. Upgrade your bathroom with this reclaimed wood storage bench. This piece features A-frame legs, a flat top, and a slatted shelf to store all of your bathroom essentials.

best game room storage bench

Children’s storage bench with cubes

Tidy up your child’s bedroom or playroom in seconds with this classic white storage bench. This unit is low to the floor (so kids can help put toys away) and includes a cubby for books, art supplies, stuffed animals and more.

best garage storage bench

husky industrial storage bench

Need a better solution for your garage? No problem. Organize your power tools and camping gear in seconds with this industrial storage bench. The sturdy unit is constructed of 24-gauge steel and features a wood countertop, sliding doors, and built-in shelving. It can also hold up to 600lbs and withstand extreme temperatures.

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