Ask Real Steel Furniture at the Best Price from Us

We are a leading supplier of real steel furniture and we use the best materials for production. Comfort, various designs, beautiful colors, different sizes and reasonable prices are among the features of our products. Many foreign and European countries buy from us in bulk and we have been able to obtain their satisfaction which is very valuable to us. If you are looking to buy modern furniture for your home or office visit our site. All prices are lower than the market. We will also follow up when sending the goods so that the goods reach the destination safely and without damage.

Ask Real Steel Furniture at the Best Price from Us

What’s the Best Packing Steel Furniture for Export?

What’s the Best Packing Steel Furniture for Export? We need different tools for packing furniture. These devices include:

  • Babylon Rap and Stretch Raps
  • Durable and multilayer carton
  • Wrapping paper
  • Adhesives and protective coatings

How to pack steel furniture is as follows:

  • Cellophane or stretch wrap is used to cover the whole body and fibers of the sofa.
  • For sensitive and fragile parts, Babylon foil and thick rapeseed are needed.
  • The crown handles, and bases of steel sofas should be covered with multi-layered bubble wrap.
  • Thick fabrics and thick cartons to cover this area are used.
  • Do not use food cellophane to wrap the steel sofa. It is important and noteworthy to cover during transportation. Food cellophane does not make the sofa resistant to shocks and scratches.

This type of packaging is one of the best types of furniture packaging for export that our center uses. With this type of packaging, the furniture reaches the customers without any damage.

Bulk Exportation of Durable Real Steel Furniture to the EU Countries

Bulk Exportation of Durable Real Steel Furniture to the EU Countries One of the products that are highly regarded in the field of export is furniture. Furniture has a very high capacity for export. We currently have very good manufacturers in the furniture industry in our country as well as experienced and skilled carpenters who can produce their designs with the best materials. In our country the fabrics used in the field of furniture are available in various designs. To produce leather sofa, the best materials are used from cow leather to ostrich leather and all kinds of quality leather that are available in the country.

Regarding the woods used in the furniture industry we can say that we have good woods such as walnut wood, beech wood and the like in the country which are used by manufacturers in the production of high-quality materials. European countries are among the regular customers of our steel furniture. The special capabilities of our products have caused a great demand. Among these features is the use of stainless steel and its durability which makes it last for a long time. The use of quality leather and fabrics also makes the furniture look more attractive.

Never Pay at Retail Prices for Buying Steel Furniture

Never Pay at Retail Prices for Buying Steel Furniture If you are looking to buy steel furniture, be sure to consider items such as quality, design, and brand. Shopping at wholesale centers will make you pay less. Our site also has after-sales service for its products which you can benefit from by buying from us. Some furniture has legs that you can flex and the height of the sofa can be changed. You can buy steel furniture according to your needs for your home and office. Our consultants are always ready to answer and guide you. We have been able to shine with quality products in the global market.

Our production group is ready to provide services to you dear ones in the production of steel furniture by presenting new and innovative designs and using high-quality tools and fittings. We are a wholesale furniture manufacturer that trades with other countries. We are one of the few producers in the country that we can produce in our way. With a variety of frames, we help you have many options to choose from to make our sales site known as a unique home shopping center.


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