8 person outdoor dining table for garden in warm months

Some tips for choosing the best 8 person garden dining table During the warmer months, nothing beats gathering around the spacious patio table for dinner, parties, and spending time outdoors with your family. Before purchasing a table for your patio, there are a few things to consider. Read on to find out which garden table is right for you. 1 Choose weather-resistant tabletop materials. Patio table materials aren’t just about how the table looks. Different materials offer unique levels of durability and weather resistance. Below, we outline common patio table materials’ main pros and cons. Wood patio tables are sturdy and traditional. For the classy yet casual look, get a wooden table. Otherwise, the wood will begin to rot after prolonged exposure. Metal patio tables are usually very formal and are some of the most durable options. They are also heavier than other tables, making them ideal for windy areas. Certain metals, such as iron, will rust over time if not provided with a weather-resistant coating. Plastic or PVC patio tables are lightweight, low-maintenance, and inexpensive, but they can get moldy in humid climates. A rattan or wicker patio table is the epitome of casual and works well with farmhouse decorating styles. Just like plastic or PVC, rattan can get moldy.

When choosing a patio table, pick one that’s right for your climate. Even if the table is expensive at first, it saves you money because you don’t have to replace it every summer. Two Please measure the size and shape of your patio before purchasing. With a friend, carefully measure the length and width of your patio. The ideal table leaves enough room for chairs and traffic around it. We recommend leaving about 3 feet of space on all sides of the table. For instance, if your patio is 12 feet long and 8 feet wide, you will need a table closer to 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. If you want to make room on your patio for other furniture, downsize your table and ensure about 3 feet of space between each piece. In addition to size, you should consider the best shape for your space. Round and square tables give your patio a casual feel and take up less space than rectangular tables. Bistro, café, and bar tables are even smaller, perfect for lunches for two on a small patio or balcony. Rectangular and oval patio tables require a larger patio but can usually accommodate more people.

3 Make sure the outdoor dining table can seat your friends and family. Get a table for your family and a few guests for summer parties and outdoor dining. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 18 to 24 inches of space for each person and 6 to 12 inches between locations. A square dining table that measures 40 inches on a side comfortably seats four people, as does a round table that measures 44 inches in diameter. The 56-inch long rectangular table seats six, and the 70-inch long rectangular table seats 8. If you need something bigger for your summer gathering, a table that seats 16 is also available.

Follow these same dimensions if you plan to use the table for games, craft projects, or non-eating activities. Four Choose a comfortable and sturdy chair. Many outdoor tables are sold in sets that involve matching chairs. Still, suppose you want a more selective selection of comfortable seating or a more diverse aesthetic. In that case, you can purchase the table and chairs separately. Outdoor chairs can be made from the same material as outdoor tables. For optimal comfort, choose a chair with weather-resistant cushions. Also, you must ensure that the chairs are the right size for the table. Outdoor tables are typically about 30 inches high (standard dining room height), so chairs with seats about 18 inches off the groundwork well for most patio tables. Five Choose a table umbrella that provides plenty of shade. If you plan to use your outdoor table in the sun often, consider investing in an umbrella for shade. Many patio tables have a hole cut out of the top to hang an umbrella. I’m here. When choosing an umbrella, choose one with a canopy wide enough to cover the entire table. You should also make sure that your umbrella is made of weather-resistant fabric. Check out our Patio Umbrella Buying Guide if you need help choosing an umbrella. How many chairs? It’s time to assemble the number of chairs you need.

Generally, we recommend leaving approximately 2 feet of eating space per person. If you need to seat more guests, you can scale back, but most people prefer a little more room to spread out. It can seat up to 6 people, so you don’t need to calculate as much for a round table. Tables less than 48 inches can seat 2 or 3 people. Rectangular and oval tables require a little more attention. Most patio chairs with arms are between 24 and 26 inches wide, and we recommend leaving at least a few inches between each chair. Tip: Rectangular tables less than 42 inches wide may not have enough dining space to accommodate chairs at either end. Also, ensure the edge of the table is overhangs with double pedestals, cross braces, or trestle stands, as you need plenty of room for your knees and feet. For instance: The rectangular table is 72 inches long and 42 inches wide. A good rule is that two 25-inch wide chairs should be at least 54 inches wide. The maximum number of seats around this table is 6, 2 on each side and one on each end.

What is the patio-to-patio view? Determine the height of your chair based on the view you want from your home. Most outdoor dining chairs are less than 3 feet tall, but many styles are 43 inches tall. These high-back chairs offer maximum comfort and support for relaxing after a meal or hanging out on the patio. Still, they can block your view from inside your home. Many beautiful fabrics and back styles are available, and a high-back chair can also add to the beauty of the view! That is all! Choose outdoor furniture! Consider how many people are sitting at the table most of the time and how it is used when you are not eating.

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