7 piece dining table set is about more than just furniture

Looking for a new 7 piece dining table set? At our company, we understand that choosing a table is about more than just furniture, it’s about creating a space where family and friends can come together and spend quality time together. I’m here. We were hoping you could find the perfect dining table for your lifestyle, budget, and interior design style, which is why we’ve put together this guide to dining tables. Please take a look and let us help you find your next dining table. Whether you’re looking to buy your first table or want to upgrade a second-hand one you’ve had for years, the market can be overwhelming. A single search for “dining and kitchen table” on Overstock returns 2,380 results. And that’s just one site!

To help you narrow it down, I’ve outlined five key rules for choosing the dinner table. I am an interior designer, and I have chosen a good percentage of the tables.

  1. Always go bigger than you think you need to.

The hardest thing I have to do as a designer is to convince my clients that they need furniture that is a little bigger than they think. Well, you may only have three people, but if you have a dining room suitable for a table for six, the room will look sad and empty. It doesn’t matter how many bar carts and planters you add to your room.

  1. Allow 3 feet of clearance.

Conversely, cramming too much into a table that’s too big for the space can feel overwhelming and messy. The magic number here is 3. You should leave about 3 feet of space behind the chairs for you and your guests to get on and off the table.

  1. Choose a round table if the space is tight.

The round table is compact and can make effective use of space. They usually take up less space than rectangular or square ones, so they usually fit into spaces that are not ideal for another type of table. Also ideal for kitchen dining areas, breakfast bars, and open-concept living/dining areas.

  1. If your apartment is dark, get a glass table.

We often hear: “I want to create a bright and spacious space.” This is a common request, but unfortunately, not all homes have enough space or plenty of natural light. Answer? It is a glass table. It is always open and brightens up any space. Yes, glass tables require a little more maintenance than wood ones when it comes to accidental stains, but a little glass cleaner cleans them up in no time. We recommend leaving it and pairing it with a bold chair.

  1. Don’t be afraid of metallics.

Gold, silver, brass, iron, and all metals in between are strong in their own right and go well with almost any color or pattern in the sun. Basically, you don’t have to worry about whether your copper table legs match the awesome new wallpaper you found because the answer is always yes! Don’t be afraid to mix metals. The idea of ​​two bright shades next to each other may scare some people, but really tell your clients that it’s safer to avoid redundant and overly-coordinating designs.

dining table height

A frequently asked question: What is the standard height for dining tables? Table heights are not completely standardized, but there are three things to consider when choosing the right dining table for your family. There are two general style tables.

standard height table

Standard-height tables, also called chair-height tables, tend to be 30 inches tall. Since this is the most common table height, most furniture stores carry the widest selection of standard-height tables. Most chairs are designed to fit a standard-height table, so even if you don’t buy a dining set, this is a great size option and expands your chair options. In terms of comfort, many people prefer standard height tables.

counter height table

Counter-height tables tend to be about 36 inches tall, so they align with most standard countertops. In recent years, counter-height dining tables have become increasingly popular. That means your local furniture store might have a good selection of counter-height tables and chairs. Not only does it bring a unique and modern style to your dining room, but it is also perfect for entertaining guests as people sitting and standing at the table are at the same height, making conversation easy and convenient. It also works well in a dining room/kitchen combo as it sits almost flush with the kitchen island.

pub or bar high table

Pub and bar height tables tend to be about 42 inches tall. Just like the counter height tables, you can easily converse with others while sitting or standing at the bar height tables. Bar-height tables aren’t as popular as standard or counter-height tables, but they provide a casual look and are great for making the most of small spaces. They have leg rests to sit comfortably for a long time, but bar-height tables are often too high for children, so families who want to use a high table as their main dining room are not suitable for the table.


Shape and size of the dining table

Because dining tables can come in many different shapes and sizes, there is no fixed set of dining table dimensions that your table will fit into. Dining table heights tend to match standard, counter, or bar heights, while table widths and lengths tend to be determined by the shape of the table and the number of people it can seat.

Width and length of a rectangular table.

Rectangular tables tend to be the most common shape, and although rectangular tables vary in width, most are between 36 and 40 inches wide. This width allows for someone to sit comfortably at either end of the table and provides enough room for place setting and food serving. The table is approximately 48 inches long to seat four people comfortably. For six seated people, we recommend a table about 60 inches long. You tend to need at least 78 inches to seat eight people comfortably. If you are having trouble determining the correct length, we recommend leaving 24 inches of space for each individual seat.

width and length of the round table

Round tables are usually round or oval and are suitable for small dining rooms due to their rounded shape. An important dimension to consider when choosing a round dining table is the diameter.

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