5ft pool dining table is considered a confusing experience

Buying a 5ft pool dining table can be a confusing experience. There are many things to consider and some decisions to make. Read our pool dining table buying guide to learn everything you need to know.

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The pool dining table is a true hybrid. It is part of the dining table and pool table, allowing you to maximize your space. Invite your friends to the game and when you’re done, open the lid, pour a drink, and serve dinner!

The pool dining table is made with a shallower cabinet than other pool tables. This allows people to sit around them and enjoy plenty of legroom underneath.

These tables usually include one table, but you should check the individual table listing for the table you choose to confirm. In most other respects, they are virtually the same as traditional pool tables, with no performance or feature shortcomings.

Pool dining tables are generally available in UK or US specifications. Each type has different requirements, such as size, fabric type, pocket size, and cushion shape.

As a general rule, British pool tables are smaller (usually 6-7 feet long) and designed for slow, strategic play.

The pool dining table is larger (7 to 9 feet long), with nylon cloth and wider pockets for faster games of pool.

You can read more about all the differences in our guide. What is the difference between British and American swimming pools?

How much space do you need?

When considering a pool table, it’s important to realize how much space you need. Players must be able to walk around the table and hit their shots without hitting walls or furniture.

For example, if you want to install a 6-foot pool dining table and use a full-size 57-inch cue, you’ll need to calculate the width and length of the size of the room you need. The playing field of the 6-foot table is approximately 82 cm wide from cushion to cushion and approximately 160 cm long (cushion to cushion).

Then you need to add the tail lengths of both sides of the table at once. Therefore, a 57-inch cue has a length of 145 cm. 145+145=290cm. Then add this to the width of the playfield. So 290cm + 82cm = 372cm. This is the width of the room you need.

To calculate the space requirements for different sizes of cues and tables, see our guide. What size space do I need for a pool table?

Slate bed or MDF?

The pool table bed is the material that forms the playing field. The ideal playing field is perfectly flat, spotless, and covered with fabric.

The MDF bed is made of plywood. This type of wood is ideal for pool table beds as it is easy to flatten as it is shaped and shaped during manufacture. MDF beds have the advantages of being lightweight, low cost, and durable but do not provide the same level of performance as slate beds.

The slate bed is made from real slate rock, quarried, cut, and shaped to be perfectly flat. It is then fixed to the pool table. The main advantage of the slate bed is its gaming performance. Machined, flattened, and polished during manufacturing, provide the perfect surface for the ball to roll on. They are more expensive and heavier than MDF beds, but if you want the best performance possible, only Slate does the job.

See the MDF bed poolside dining room here and the slate bedside poolside dining room here. To learn more about the difference between slate and MDF beds, read our detailed guide. What is the difference between MDF and slate bed pool tables?

What chair do you need?

Chairs are required if the table is used for dining. We sell a variety of chairs suitable for use by most poolside diners, but make sure your table has enough chairs, legs, and comfortable space.

You can see how this works in the following example.

Most people are comfortable with about 20 cm of space between the seat of the chair and the bottom of the table. Once you have the seat height of your preferred seat and the bottom-to-floor dimension of your table’s cabinet, you can subtract the former from the latter to see the legroom for your guests.

See our range of chairs and stools here.

Or do you prefer a bank?

A popular alternative that comes with many pool tables as an optional upgrade is benched. The benches create a communal atmosphere around the table and can be discreetly slid down when not in use.

Some even have built-in storage to keep all of your pool equipment safe when not in use.

How do the caps work?

Almost all poolside dining tables are converted using special tops. They are usually supplied with the table and have a perfect fit and perfectly matched finish. It can be 2 or 3 pieces, depending on the specifications and the size of the table.

They are lifted into place and placed on a small rubber liner around the table to prevent damage to the finish.

Some clever table designers have come up with alternatives, as seen in the VIP table below. In this case, the entire playing field rotates inside the cabinet, creating a large dining room.

What else can you do at the Pool Diner?

Pool Diner isn’t just for the pool and food. A large number of uses can be obtained from such a table.

The flat wood surface* and extra legroom make it ideal for use as a desk. If you work from home and the office feels a bit dull, a desk that turns into a pool table can breathe new life into it. Enjoy a skit at lunchtime, or invite your neighbors over for a game. After lunch, I put the top back on, hoist my laptop, printer, and other hardware on top of it, and get to work.

For the same reason, it also works as a meeting table in the office. Hold meetings in your boardroom and use your desk to house colleagues’ laptops, projectors, or conference calls.

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