36 round dining table set which considers as modern designs

36 Round Dining table set sizes: how to find the right size and style which considers as the modern designs

A dining table is perfect for small or square spaces.

The circular dining area creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Ideal for hosting a small party or just enjoying a good conversation.

Read some key measurements below to help you choose the right size round table and how to choose the right style for your home aesthetic.

Round dining table size

We recommend that you measure your dining room first to get an idea of ​​the dimensions of a round dining table that will suit your space.

We recommend leaving at least 3 feet of space between the table and surrounding walls and furniture.

This allows you to easily move around the table without having to move your chair.

It is very important to have a table and chairs that are comfortable and suitable for the size of the room.

Think like Goldilocks.

No need for tables that are too big or too small.

You can find the right size table for your dining room by following some basic measuring guidelines.

Leave 24 inches of space between the table and the wall so people can easily sit down or get up from the table.

If people are walking behind the table, leave 38 inches between the table and the wall.

Allow 24 inches for each slot so people can eat comfortably without bumping their elbows.

The maximum width of the table must be 48 inches.

More space will prevent guests from passing things across the table and straining conversation.

The minimum width of the table must be 36 inches.

Anything narrower will make it difficult to center the serving pieces on the table.

If space permits, create a size chart based on the number of people in a typical dinner party and add two people to it.

It should accommodate the normal number of guests.


The shape of the table is equally important in creating a beautiful and comfortable place.


Rectangular tables are the most common shape, as most dining rooms are rectangular.

It’s also the perfect shape for seating four or more people.

Rectangular tables are more flexible as many have leaves that span their length.

If you’re short on space, consider a drop-leaf table that expands easily when you need it.


A square table is best suited to a square room.

It’s also a great solution if you have a small guest list.

Large tables can be uncomfortable.

You can put two square tables side by side to create a rectangular table for special occasions.


Round tables are suitable for small rooms and small square rooms.

It is the perfect shape for small groups as it creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.

However, large round tables can make guests feel far apart.

For added versatility, get one with changing oval leaves to accommodate larger groups of people.


Oval tables look a lot like rectangular tables, but they visually use less space due to their rounded corners.

Therefore, oval tables are ideal for narrow and small rooms.

Many oval tables come with leaves to increase their capacity.

dining table height

Most dining tables are designed with a standard height of 28 to 33 inches.

At this height, there is plenty of space between the dining table and the chairs, allowing you and your loved ones to sit down and move around easily.

The consistent height of standard dining tables ensures a comfortable fit.

You can easily find a dining chair that suits you.

seating capacity

When buying a round dining table, it is important to consider the number of guests the table will need to accommodate.

This will help you determine the best size round dining table for your space.

Small: Small round dining tables are usually 36 to 44 inches in diameter.

A dining table of this size is a great option for small spaces that can comfortably seat up to 4 people.

A small round dining table fits perfectly into a compact dining area.

MEDIUM: The medium-sized round dining table makes the most of a small or square dining area.

With a diameter of 44 to 54 inches, this size is perfect for 5 to 7 people.

Large: Choose a large round dining table with a diameter of 54 to 72 inches for a more spacious dining area.

This size can accommodate eight or more people, making it perfect for large gatherings.

Add extra seats

If you like to entertain or need a few extra seats, look for a circular dining table that expands to accommodate additional guests.

Choose a dining table with a possible extension.

round dining table style

Once you’ve found the right size, the next step is to find the right style for your home.

The round dining table is perfect for any dining room, from a seaside dining area to a cozy farmhouse dining room.


Whether it’s the type of wood, the color of the paint, or the combination of dining chairs, there are a few things to consider when choosing a dining table that matches your style.

We’ve put together some tips to help you get started.


Create a round dining table in the center of your farmhouse dining room.

We love the timeless shape of the curved base. This style adds just the right amount of rustic charm.

Choose a light wood finish that captures the natural charm of farmhouse style and complements a neutral color palette.

Combine the round table with the cross-back chair set to further enhance the aesthetic.

The silhouette of a comfortable chair to enjoy a meal with your loved ones.


A round dining table is perfect for a pancake breakfast or an after-dinner snack on the beach.

For a coastal dining nook, choose a circular dining table with a simple curved base.

Opt for a table in a light wood finish to match the bright beach color palette, or choose a crisp white finish for a bright focus.

Add wicker dining chairs to bring a sea-inspired texture to the space.


A round dining table is perfect for a rustic dining room.

A standard-size table seats 4-6 people comfortably, so the round dining table is ideal for sharing stories over a home-cooked meal.

Choose a round dining table with a simple base and weathered wood finish to capture the warm, natural elements of rustic design.

Dining chairs with padded seats add a bit of softness.

Choose or opt for wooden bistro-style chairs to give your dining space a country feel.


Add classic charm to your traditional dining room with our round dining table.

In the traditional style dining room, look for timeless design elements such as hand-carved details and deep wood finishes.

I love the rich espresso finish on the table above.

Especially when paired with a set of upholstered dining chairs.

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