Panton chair design features iconic pieces of contemporary furniture

One of the most recognizable pieces of contemporary furniture is the Panton Chair, with new design features.

One of the most recognizable and iconic pieces of contemporary furniture is the Panton S Chair.

Is it the fact that Kate Moss appeared on the cover of Vogue with her underwear off while splayed across a Verner Panton S chair, or is it the chair itself? Even before Moss designed to sit on it for posterity, the organic contours of this unique chair received admiring attention from passersby. Since it was first produced in 1967, the Vernor Panton “S” chair has come to symbolize the counterculture of the 1960s.

Verner Panton left a legacy of innovative, risk-taking, and thought-provoking designs that influenced subsequent generations. The S Chair, a remarkable piece of sculptural furniture, was an instant hit when it was first introduced. Undoubtedly, Panton’s most iconic and enduring creation is the S Chair. The S chair has become so ubiquitous and instantly recognizable that its groundbreaking status as a design symbol is easy to overlook. Panton’s impact on home design extended beyond his signature mod furniture to the shapes and color palette that reigned until the mid-’70s.

Vernor Panton, a Dane, had one foot in the traditions of design but veered wildly away from the restrained minimalism of his contemporaries. Panton experimented with synthetics, plastics, fiberglass, steel, foam rubber, and other post-war innovations.

It was PANTON who first molded a plastic chair without joints.

One of the original versions of the chair is on display at MOMA. The one-piece, cantilevered design by Panton was revolutionary. What makes the Panton S chair so interesting to design historians today is not just its remarkable shape but also the fact that it was the first chair in the history of furniture design to be manufactured out of a single piece of plastic.

Just how far one may go in terms of reliability and innovation thanks to the availability of these novel materials.


In 2009, we commemorated 50 years since the debut of the Panton S Chair. It should be illegal for anything to seem so contemporary and current yet to be fifty years old. With each passing decade, the chair once again becomes a very desirable piece of furniture due to its innovative design. The S chair has undergone a few minor revisions as a result of technology improvements but otherwise stays true to its original form.

At one point, the chair was available in every color of the rainbow and beyond. Verner Panton stated that his favorite color scheme was black and white because of its sleek appeal and adaptability. The Panton S chair in black is a dramatic, eye-catching, and sleek addition to any room. Of all of these chairs, the white Panton S has the widest range of possible uses.

Among the brightly colored accessories of a child’s playroom, it takes on a lighthearted, carefree air. By placing a white Panton S style chair around a rough-hewn wood table, the chairs take on a more natural appearance. Use it with a Tulip-style table to harken back to its modern pop-culture roots.


This Panton S chair will make a statement in any modern home. The S-style chair is everything from conventional. If you want to show off your appreciation for design history and your wit and humor, then the Panton S style chair is the way to go.

Add two of the fashionable S-chairs and a daring modern table like the one seen above to your apartment balcony, and you’ll have a great spot to watch the sun go down. Relax House provides a high-quality replica of the iconic chair in the white and black color scheme that was reportedly Vernor Panton’s favorite.

The Panton chair is undeniably contemporary.

Chairs in the Panton S design are undeniably cutting edge. It is, in fact, perhaps among the most recognizable works of modern art. On the left, it’s shown with a contemporary light fixture, dark walls, and ornate molding. White furnishings stand out dramatically against the black walls. Eero Saarinen would approve of the legless modern kitchen aesthetic represented by the S-type chairs arranged in a snug formation around an oval Tulip table (see image on the right). The S chair’s clean lines and contemporary silhouette make it a great choice for updating a room without risking a dated or quirky aesthetic.

You may give your design space a sleek, contemporary look with the Panton Chair.

As an additional bonus, the Panton S Chair looks great in any home or business. The chair stands out due to its odd appearance. Notice how the space comes together around the striking red Panton S-type chair. A bright touch of color is provided by the red chair, cushion, and print in an otherwise monochromatic room. This place is also an example of what may be accomplished with limited square footage and tasteful decor.

Although completely contemporary, the Panton S type chair may take on a more rustic or historic air when matched with the proper furnishings. The white Panton S chair stands out against the black table, Federalist mirror, and worn wallpaper in this dining room. The Panton S type chair adds a striking, contemporary note to an otherwise muted and almost classic setting.

The Panton Chair is a dramatic, recognizable, and adaptable piece of furniture.

The Panton S-style chair is employed in an unexpected way that complements its minimalist design here.

Panton’s S Style Chair is equally at home indoors or out. This chair is not only comfortable and stylish but also very low maintenance. The chair can be cleaned quickly and easily after being exposed to either an outdoor party or a few dirty kids.

If you find yourself in need of a Panton S type chair but are unable to afford the designer original, Relax House offers an excellent imitation at a fraction of the cost. Depending on your preference, you may pick between a black or white S-style chair.

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